Jumping to conclusions

Say, remember that shooting that happened in Colorado Springs? The guy opened fire outside of a building where the local Planned Parenthood was located. Within a nano-second of the shooting making news, everyone concluded that this guy was a Right Wing Pro-Life Extremist out to slaughter the good and noble saints of Planned Parenthood over a video.

Ah, yes. I remember it like it was a week ago.

Wait. Come to think of it, it was a week ago.

No evidence has ever been provided that this guy was A) part of the pro-life movement, B) a political “right winger” or C) even saw any of these videos. And, considering he lived completely off the grid and didn’t even have electricity, I’m guessing he probably never did.

But no matter!

His was an attack against women! He was attacking a woman’s right to choose!

Don’t argue with us! We just know it!

Why, even the Attorney General Loretta Holderette declared that this crazy cakes who went on a shooting spree and killed three people was attacking, not the people he shot, but a woman’s right to choose.

Fast forward now to today.

On Wednesday, two Muslims — one of whom declared her allegiance to the Caliph of ISIS Baghdadi himself — sent their baby to stay with family, rented an SUV and loaded it with guns, bombs and oodles and oodles of bullets and launched an attack on a soft target in San Bernardino, California killing fourteen and injuring twenty.

Evidence found since shows that these two were watching ISIS videos, had recently become radicalized, were in contact with radical Islamic terrorists overseas, and had a veritable bomb factory in their garage.

Yet despite all this overwhelming evidence that they are in fact radical Islamic terrorists, the Obama White House is cautioning the American people about the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

And if anybody should know about jumping to conclusions, it’s Obama.

Just ask those stupidly acting Cambridge police.

But no! Don’t look over at that thing waddling around and quacking and have the nerve to call it a duck.

There’s not much jumping necessary to arrive at the conclusion that this was an act of terrorism. To quote Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step. And there conclusions were.”

But once again today, just a couple hours ago, Josh Earnest insisted that we not be jumping to conclusions and assuming this is terrorism.

Jumping to conclusions

Oh, Josh. The problem with trying to use the propaganda playbook of Goebbels is that only works when information is disseminated by a limited source and you control that source completely. This isn’t 1932, Josh.

Meanwhile, only moments after Josh Earnest once again demanded that we not have the gall to jump to conclusions, the FBI announced that they were, in fact, treating this terrorist attack as an act of terror.

Apparently the FBI didn’t get the memo from the White House. The nerve of those investigators jumping to conclusions.

Here’s the poop you guys.

Obama has been beating the drum that we have no reason to fear a terror attack on our soil. Ever since Paris, Barry has been adamant that there is no reason for us to even imagine such a thing happening.

Obama has a habit of making strong, decisive, declarative statements that end up being nothing but a big fat lie.

And he’s done it again.

Like I’ve said a few times since Wednesday, Obama is in CYA-mode. He dangled his ass out over the ledge when he asserted that we were not in danger of a Paris-like attack here. And Syed Farook and the Missus’ blatant act of terror pretty much tossed a proverbial pipe bomb at Obama’s dangling ass and blew it clean off.

Why do you think they’re trying to keep the focus on gun control?

It isn’t because they think “common sense gun laws” would make a damn bit of difference.

It is nothing but the typical Leftist misdirect to take the attention away from the fact that Barry is leaving us exposed to attack.

You know. Like blaming Benghazi on a video.

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3 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions

  • December 4, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    I hear that DOJ Lorretta Lynch has said that we can’t insult a certain religion that is responsible for so many really mean and nasty acts against people around the world of several other religions. No not Christians. I am certain that hislamb-chops off heads and loretta can kiss my furry butt. So can prez a$$hat and his buddies. How is that for jumping the goat, err, shark, uhh humping a what? Is lamb evil?

  • December 4, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    For anyone interested, this is a site run by former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo. https://www.understandingthethreat.com/
    You won’t find any candy coated spins on these Muslim terrorist there. Example:
    Guandolo said he “came to understand very deeply the massive jihadi network we have in the United States” and discovered that “the leaders of the Islamic organizations… were actually interfacing with government leaders and advising them with how to proceed in the war on terror, as it was called.”
    Guandolo realized that “we were being advised by the enemy on how to investigate and deal with the enemy” and “and that’s why I started the training.”

  • December 4, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    So where are the eyewitness accounts of the shooting? We had scores of such accounts after Paris (theater-goers reported the shooters stopped to reload, they shouted Allahu Akbar), but nothing from the hundred inside the room in SB. I’ve only seen “family of…” “friends of…” but no actual eyewitnesses; have you? Did the shooters shout Allahu Akbar? Did they say anything? Did they stop to reload? I have to think if the shooter was a Tea Party supporter with a rebel battle flag decal on his SUV, we would know EVERYTHING that happened. And as for Farook’s K-1 bride (arranged marriage, ahem)…who doesn’t think that she is the Betty Crocker of bomb making? And finally, when the AG and FBI director were speaking, my TV must have gone on the blink because all I saw was Comey in an orange jump suit with the ISIS/al Qaeda flag behind him and Lynch dressed in all black holding a long knife. Did anyone else see that?

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