He just can’t stop interfering in foreign elections

What do you know? A candidate for French President is getting a little assist from an interfering foreign meddler.

Nope. Not Putin.

But the King Freak of Election Interfering himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

Combing Twitter this morning, I stumbled across this tweet from Emmanuel Macron – the mind-numbed “progressive” shitpickle running for President of France.

Yeah. That totally deserves the Homer Face/Palm treatment, doesn’t it?


So, tell me. Why is it Barack Obama – the former President of the United States – is throwing his weight behind a candidate in an election held in a separate, sovereign nation?

Could it be that he doesn’t have a problem with interfering in foreign elections?

Sure, I know.

”But that’s different! He’s a private citizens now! If he wants to endorse Emmanuel Macron, he should be free to do that!”

That may well be true.

But you and I both know that if Obama was still President of the United States, nothing would stop him from throwing his weight behind a particular candidate in the French election. In fact, I’m sure he would be using his own endless campaign arm “Organizing for America” to work on Macron’s election campaign. You know. Like he did in Israel back in 2015.

For someone who clutched his pearls and cried foul over Putin’s alleged interfering in our election, Obama LOVES to interfere in foreign elections.

Like Brexit.

And let’s not forget Egypt when in 2012 he propped up Muslim Brotherhood stooge Morsi.

He failed in Israel.

He failed with Brexit.

And his hand-picked Morsi was forced out after a year.

Trust me. Marcon is exactly the kind of idiot Barack Obama would endorse.

After yesterday’s terror attack in Paris, Marcon told French radio that terrorism is an “imponderable problem.” He actually said that it is “part of our daily lives for the years to come.”

Good grief.

A guy who surrenders to Islamic extremism and expects everybody to just suck it up and accept it.

Yup. Sounds like Obama’s guy.

Hopefully, Barack’s reverse Midas touch will hold fast and Marcon’s happy embrace of Barry’s endorsement will blow up in his face like a trick cigar.

Let’s face it. Obama’s brand of “progressivism” and “globalism” is losing steam across the globe. In large part because of Barack Obama’s own feckless foreign policy.

He’s desperate to keep the noxious flame of progressivism burning.

Even if that means sentencing the French people to certain extinction by supporting a, Islamist appeaser like Emmanuel Macron.

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2 thoughts on “He just can’t stop interfering in foreign elections

  • April 21, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    “On the phone with @BarackObama” or, as we here in America call it, the ‘political kiss of death’!

  • April 22, 2017 at 1:54 am

    Like my old country uncle used to say….”Damn…I don’t believe I’da told that.”

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