Just Desserts

Just Desserts

New York has become the epicenter for the latest outbreak of Karma.  And these just desserts are so sweet, every New Yorker is welcome to enjoy a second helping.

It may have taken eleven months, but we finally flattened the curve on the rising runaway virus known as Andrew Cuomo’s overweening ego.

We didn’t just flatten it.

We crushed it so hard it is now a quickly plummeting line.

We reversed the curve.

Talk about New York ToughTM.

You’ll forgive me if I’m enjoying these just desserts a little too much.

But for nearly a year I have watched as Hollywood, the news media and the slack-jawed ResistanceLOL heaped mountains of praise on the most incompetent governor in America while he heaped mountains of dead on New York families.

So Andrew Cuomo getting his just desserts is the most satisfying plot twist to come out of this whole Wuhan Panic since it first began.

And if I feel this way, imagine how the families of those who died in nursing homes are feeling.

Yesterday, the cornered, much-deflated blowhard spent his Emmy-winning press conference making excuses, passing the buck, and, of course, issuing bloviating threats.

I watched several clips on Twitter and couldn’t help but laugh with satisfaction as the Cuomo trademark arrogant swagger melted into defensive posturing.

He’s caught.

He’s cornered.

And he’s getting his just desserts.

The fact is, Andrew Cuomo has always been a slimy snake who never takes any responsibility for his own actions. This is nothing new.

He’s been doing it for years.

And anyone who’s had the misfortune of living under Cuomo rule since January 2011 knows that pointing the finger at others for his own incompetence is central to Andrew Cuomo’s governing style.

This time his glittering incompetence had deadly, catastrophic results. And still this amoral, arrogant man refuses to acknowledge his own culpability.

The media elevated him as their Anti-Trump – the “leader” who was doing all the things President Trump failed to do.

But the fact is, they chose to elevate a man who is, in all actuality, all the things the media claimed Donald Trump was.

He isn’t the “Anti-Trump.” Instead, Andrew Cuomo is the living embodiment of the fictional Monster Trump the media spent four years creating.

Cuomo is arrogant, bloviating, callous, cruel, and completely indifferent to the damage he causes.

And when he finally gets his just desserts, he scrambles to find someone other than himself to blame.

And because he’s an arrogant asshole who believes he is above the law, Cuomo even accused the NYS Legislature of committing a crime for threatening to investigate him.

Wow. That’ll be news to President Trump who spent four years under threats of subpoenas and investigations.

Even now, even as he is being served his just desserts, Cuomo truly believes nobody is allowed to hold him to account.

He is, by every measure, the real-life version of the media-created version of Trump.

Yesterday my brother and I were texting about Cuomo’s just desserts, and Mark said “Blows my mind that he’d prob win reelection.”

And the sad fact is, he probably would. As I replied to my brother:

All he needs to win (all any dem needs in a statewide race) is to carry NYC area. Ten years of economic stagnation didn’t turn the tide against him. I’m not even sure tens of thousands dead in the NYC area alone will either.

But the anger over Cuomo’s deadly incompetence isn’t just coming from Republican lawmakers in New York; it’s also coming from the Democrats. And given the fact that Democrats hold supermajorities in both houses could be a problem for him.

No doubt Republicans will make full use of Cuomo’s disastrous mishandling of the COVID pandemic in order to defeat Democrats in 2022. And if the Democrat lawmakers outside of the NYC area believe Cuomo’s presence on the ballot will hurt them, I’m thinking they’ll urge him not to run for a fourth term — if for no other reason than to save themselves.

But if yesterday’s press conference is any indication, no amount of urging from his fellow state Democrats will make a damn bit of difference to Andrew.

If he is far too arrogant and imperious to put the lives of New Yorkers ahead of his own vainglorious self-promotion, does anyone actually think he’d be moved to sit out the next election if urged to do so by his fellow Democrats?

I’m thinking no.

But the fact is, the state legislature bears some responsibility for unleashing this monster on the people of New York. They granted him the very emergency powers he’s exploited for the last eleven months.

They, along with a complicit media, created this monster.

And as far as I’m concerned the Democrat supermajorities in the Assembly and Senate should be served up their own just desserts as well.

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4 thoughts on “Just Desserts

  • February 16, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    I won’t consider Cuomi getting his just desserts until he is removed from office or forced to resign in disgrace.

  • February 16, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    Arrogance and self-awareness are not compatible.

  • February 16, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    The next governor of NY will not be decided by the voters. It will be decided by the Democrat party or whomever is programming the machine or printing up mail in ballots. You can vote till your heart’s content, but the days of actually voters determining the outcome ended 11/3/2020.

  • February 17, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    Cuomo wouldn’t make a good pimple on a truck driver’s ass.

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