Just keep yapping Rashida, you bigoted dingbat

Just keep yapping Rashida - you bigoted dingbat

It wasn’t Rashida Tlaib’s bizarre comment about getting a calming feeling when thinking about the Holocaust that was the worst thing about her now infamous podcast interview.

Instead, it was her assertion that there be a one-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

In other words, Rashida wants to do away with the sovereign Jewish state of Israel.

In her column, “The Rantings of Rashida,” Julie Kelly does an excellent job outlining how the “context” of Rashida Tlaib’s interview is actually worse than the supposed “out of context” portion (which wasn’t out of context at all).

It’s been over seventy-five years since the Arabs and the Nazis allied against the Jews, and still Rashida is siding with Hitler.

I find it galling that the news media which spent nearly two years spinning the fable that President Trump called Nazis “fine people,” don’t seem to give two craps about this raging, bigoted dingbat in Congress.

Galling, but not surprising.

He’s not wrong.

No Republican politician could get away with saying a tenth of what Rashida Tlaib burped out in that interview.

Then again, no Republican would even dream of saying what that bigoted dingbat said.

But Rashida and Ilhan have become emboldened to shout their bigotry from the rooftops because they know the Democrat House leadership is too afraid to stop them.

Nancy Pelosi had her chance a couple months ago.  The Democrat-controlled House had an opportunity to squash the rising anti-Semitism of these bigoted freshman Congresswomen.  Instead, they folded like a cheap tent and unleashed this monster.

It is not at all surprising that these Jew-hating bigots have become emboldened.

It is unsurprising that the Democrats in the House now find themselves up to their tits in a noxious stew of anti-Israel radicalism and outright Jew hatred.

Now, there is nothing they are willing to do to stop it.

Instead, Nancy and the rest of the House leadership simply surrendered.

This is the Speaker of the House defending Rashida Tlaib’s One-State Solution to destroy the state of Israel completely.

There were no “desperate attempts to smear” this bigot.  Tlaib’s own words are so vile and antithetical to US foreign policy and human decency, smearing her is unnecessary.

But Nancy has no choice but to placate Tlaib and the rest of the Bigot Caucus.

She fears them.  She fears losing her power if she does not surrender to them.  And she’s not alone.  Majority leader Steny Hoyer has also bowed to the bigots.

And naturally, that vile bigot Tlaib is now claiming that the “GOP” is trying to silence her.

This is a commonly used tactic on the Left – claim that you are being silenced. It’s an especially popular claim among Democrat women – from Kirsten Gillibrand to Elizabeth Warren to this hateful little bigot Rashida Tlaib.

But we don’t want her silenced.

We don’t want her banned.

We want this bigotry and hatred to be seen and heard in the clear light of day.

The more Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar talk – and the more their leadership bends over to defend them — the more voters will discover just how hate-filled and radical the Democrat Party has become.

Rashida Tlaib’s own words can persuade voters that this modern-day bigoted party has no business holding power ever again.

And because she’s like every other Leftist, Tlaib will push too hard and too far.

Her hatred — for not only Israel and Jewish Americans but for every American — will become even clearer.  And voters will be hard-pressed to ignore it.

In fact, last night, while appearing on Seth Meyer’s late night program, Rashida Tlaib said, “And it was unfortunate you know, I got a text message from a friend who’s like, ‘Hey, next time, you know, really clarify. Maybe talk like a fourth grader. Because maybe the racist idiots would understand you better.’” [Hat tip Mediaite]

And you thought Hillary’s “Deplorables” comment was bad.

Now, Rashida Tlaib is calling those of us who object to her bigotry “racist idiots.”

Yeah.  That’s a sure-fire way to get Americans to back Democrats.

Why would we want to silence this nasty little puke when she’s doing so much to torch the Democrat Party?

Keep yapping, Rashida.

Keep burping out your bigotry with wild abandon.  Turn your hatred on every American by calling us “racist idiots.”

Your words will be more effective at convincing voters of just how awful the Democrat Party is than any paid campaign ad the Republicans could ever produce.

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4 thoughts on “Just keep yapping Rashida, you bigoted dingbat

  • May 14, 2019 at 11:52 am

    How can we silence the left when they won’t shut up?!

    • May 14, 2019 at 12:15 pm


  • May 14, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Dianny, I don’t mean to quibble but, I saw the correct spelling of her name on a blog I follow (can’t remember which one). It is Rancida Tlaiban.

  • May 14, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    Dingbat is too nice of a name for this person.

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