Just like a great big bank robbery

It happens all the time on crime shows, doesn’t it?

A group of thugs hold up a bank and take everyone hostage. Then, as the police surround the building, they demand a vehicle, safe passage, and a plane to take them out of the country, and if the police don’t comply, the thugs will murder a hostage every fifteen minutes until they do.

This immigration thing is just like a great big bank robbery.

The Obama Administration are the thugs robbing the bank. And what they are demanding is Congress grant citizenship to illegal aliens, and the Obama Administration will permit American citizens to be killed by illegals until Congress agrees to its demands.

Ironic, isn’t it? Obama loves to claim that Republicans in Congress are holding the American people hostage, but that’s the pot calling the kettle black, now ain’t it?

Sorry. Is that racist?

Ask me if I care?

Congress is looking to pass a bill to crack down on Sanctuary Cities, and the White House has already vowed Obama will veto it.

His response?

Legalize the illegals and then maybe we can talk. But until Congress is willing to comply with the White House’s demands, criminal illegals will be permitted to continue roaming free among innocent Americans.

This isn’t political brinksmanship.

This is holding the safety and security of the American people hostage until Obama gets his way.

Just like a great big bank robbery

J. Christian Adams has an explosive report at PJ Media that reveals in Texas alone, from 2008 to 2014, 611,234 unique crimes were committed by illegal aliens including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

177,588 unique criminal aliens have been booked into Texas jails between October 2008 and April 2014.


There are almost certainly more criminal aliens who haven’t been identified as aliens. The 177,588 criminal aliens identified by Texas through the Secure Communities initiative only can tag criminal aliens who had already been fingerprinted. Arrests of illegal aliens who have not been fingerprinted prior to arrest are not included in these arrests numbers derived from the Secure Communities initiative.

But the White House will do nothing about it unless Congress gives in to its demands and legalizes every illegal alien in the country.

In fact, if Congress tries to stop the madness, President Obama vows to veto any bill they send him.

Of course he does.

Look. None of this bothers Obama.

First of all, he doesn’t give two craps about the safety and security of the American people.

Secondly, he doesn’t give two craps about the hell his unconstitutional amnesty has unleashed on us.

In fact, he is prepared not to let the crisis go to waste.

If he does nothing while Americans are dying, he hopes he can force Congress to bend to his will by granting illegals amnesty.

In other words, he’s holding us hostage, just like a great big bank robbery.

This man is despicable.

And this is precisely why Donald Trump has hit a nerve.

We know we’re being used as pawns in a political fight. And like pawns, we are easily sacrificed in order for the King to control the board.

He doesn’t care.

Sometimes people die when you overthrow a nation.

It may be a silent coup, but it certainly isn’t a bloodless one.

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