Just two men of God

Boy, did Josh Earnest lay it on thick at yesterday’s press briefing. The White House is doing its level best to play up “shared values” between Pope Francis and Barack Hussein Obama as if they’re just two men of God who have minor disagreements on irrelevant things.

Q Josh, thanks. I want to ask you about something you said earlier. You said it felt like the President and the Holy Father had a lot in common, they had a lot of shared values. Can you sort of unpack that for me a little bit?
MR. EARNEST: “Well, let me do the best I can on this. I think the best way to describe this to you is that both men have talked quite publicly about their commitment to social justice and both men have dedicated not just their careers but their lives to that effort. Certainly the kind of commitment that we’ve seen from Pope Francis is unique and singular, but I think the values that both men live out have some common ground.
President Obama, after graduating from law school, turned down offers from high-paying law firms on the East Coast, and traveled to Chicago and spent time on the South Side of Chicago in a community that had been going through some significant economic turmoil, and a lot of people losing their jobs, a lot of families being separated — a community that was really in need, and the President worked in that community to try to help rebuild it. And the President actually worked quite closely with other Catholics in that community, and the President has talked about that quite a bit.”

So, to clarify, Barack Obama’s deciding to become a community organizer in Chicago was about his selfless commitment to those less fortunate. It had absolutely zero to do with political positioning, future political aspirations or Saul Alinsky.

Yeah. He was a regular Marxist Mother Teresa.

So I think the point I’m trying to make here is that this has been a value that has animated the President’s career choices since he was a young man and long before he’d become famous.

“Long before he’d become famous.”

Ah, what a telling statement that is.

There’s a similar story to tell about Pope Francis — that prior to rising through the leadership ranks of the Catholic Church that Pope Francis earned a reputation in Latin America for somebody who was willing to roll up his sleeves and try to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate, particularly those who were economically destitute.

Of course, Pope Francis, now that he’s become “famous” chose to forego living in the posh, royal apartments of the Pope — choosing instead more modest housing.

Anybody else notice Barack Obama doing that?

I can’t stress this enough. The purpose of Communism, when it comes to the church, is to take the focus off of God and salvation and place the focus on social justice.

Goal #27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

But honestly, what can you expect from the Obama White House? Obama has, at some point or another, been Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and FDR. Of course they’re going to try and portray him as being just like the Pope.

Only not Catholic.

Or remotely Christian.

These people really are shameless.

And, just for fun (and because I know it will make people’s heads explode), I made this image:
Just two men of God

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