Justin Castreau versus the Truckers

Justin Castreau versus the Truckers

Will hardworking Canadian truckers save the world? Are they the ones who will put an end to COVID Tyranny? From the way Canadian Prime Minster Justin Castreau is reacting to them, I’d venture the answer might be yes.

I picked a bad time to injure my neck, let me tell you. I’ve spent most of the week laid up, unable to move my head in any direction, and all hell breaks loose in Canada of all places! I’d be lying on the couch trying not to move my head while reading the news from my iPad and occasionally bellowing, “Dammit!” when I realized I couldn’t get up, go to my office, and do some work.

You know, for two years many of us were warning that pushback was coming. The onerous restrictions, the destruction of tens of thousands of businesses and tens of millions of jobs. There is no way you can destroy your own country’s economy and not face a day of reckoning.

The people who make our economy work were going to reach a breaking point. I just didn’t expect the breaking point would begin in Canada.

Yesterday, Justin Castreau delivered a public address blaming Americans for Canadian truckers protesting in Canada.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer demanded that the truckers blockading the bridge between Canada and Michigan leave. She bemoaned the harm it was causing to working families in Michigan to have that bridge shut down.

Don’t those damn Canadian truckers know that the only person allowed to harm Michigan’s working families is Gretchen Whitmer?

This woman is a piece of work. 

Does she think we don’t remember how she reacted to the COVID pandemic? Gretchen Whitmer became the face of the Tyranny of the Karens.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, both HHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Stay-at-Home Mom Pete Buttigieg are urging Justin Castreau to “use federal powers” to break the back of the Freedom Convoy.

All they’d have to do is end the COVID mandates.

But that isn’t going to happen. If Justin Castreau caves, every other Western leader knows it will set off a chain reaction that will threaten the power all of them amassed during the pandemic.

For two years many of us warned that all the power these governments granted themselves ostensibly to “keep us safe” from a virus, they would be loath to give up. They want to use it again and again – to push restrictions over so-called “Climate Change,” to infringe on our unalienable right to free speech, free assembly, and the right to bear arms.

All they have to do is declare “gun violence” or “Climate Change” or “misinformation” a public health emergency, and they will trot out the same unconstitutional powers they used to crush us during COVID.

So, no. Justin Castreau cannot cave.

The other day, Jesse Kelly offered a theory as to how he thinks the truckers’ protest in Canada will play out. When I read it, I felt physically ill because as much as I hope Jesse Kelly is wrong, so much of what he says here is sickeningly plausible.

I’ve transcribed Jesse’s Twitter thread in its entirety:

I have a theory on what’s coming and why. I have no inside info on this whatsoever. Just a theory. Could be all crap. But here goes:

The Canadian trucker protest is the first COVID test I can think of with actual teeth. In the entire world. Sure there have been huge street demonstrations in Europe, but nothing that can truly harm The System.

Truckers are a different story. When you consider virtually everything around you was on a truck at some point, you realize these are quite possibly the most important people in your country. Not the government. Not the doctors. Not the military.

The truckers make the economy go. Which brings us to Canada. These truckers show up and quickly Justin Trudeau is whisked off somewhere “for his own safety”

Those are all facts. Here comes my crazy theory.

Trudeau is a true globalist. All the Western leaders are now. No loyalty at all to their home countries. Only loyal to each other. Only concerned with increasing their wealth and power.

What happened when Trudeau was in hiding. Again, just my theory. I think he had a meeting of some kind with the other powers that be. And I think he was told in no uncertain terms that he must not cave to the trucker protest.

Think how significant it would be if he folded. It would have the possibility of changing western civilization. If something like that caught on, it’s not far-fetched to see truckers end governments. America’s included.

There is no way corrupt Western leaders could risk that. This protest must be crushed for ALL of their sake. So, and this is the second part of my theory, I think this Canada situation gets extremely ugly from here. Extremely ugly.

The cops don’t have enough men to put this down. The military will be brought in. Mass incarceration is coming. So many arrested they’ll need to build camps. But then, again I told you this theory was crazy, what happens to the trucks?

It’s not just about stopping the honking and getting the trucks out of Ottawa. Those trucks need to start running again. They need to start bringing goods to and fro. Well, who’s gonna do that? Military?

And how could you possibly organize that? You wouldn’t know what went where. But I could see a situation where Canada actually starts nationalizing whole industries because of this. I mean full-blown Maoism.

Government would simply keep seizing control of the next level of industry to keep it running. “For the public health” of course. 

Where it goes from there, no idea.

But that’s my theory.

That’s all.

See what I mean? It’s all too plausible, isn’t it?

Two years ago, I would have dismissed it out of hand. But after two years of governments exploiting a pandemic to amass unlawful, unconstitutional powers while grinding us under their boots, dismissing Jesse’s theory would be naïve.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Castreau versus the Truckers

  • February 12, 2022 at 10:30 am

    Unfortunately, Jesse appears to be right. Governments across the western world, Europe included, are rapidly ramping up their police and military readiness to stop any new trucker convoys/protests that are being planned. One can easily see Alzheimer Joe (or more correctly, his handlers) quietly issuing orders and planting federal agents to mount a false flag attack and blame it on the planned 2022 American truck convoy. It has worked so far in the false narrative surrounding the January 6th “insurrection”, which was carried out by unarmed “seditionists”. “Desperate times call for desperate measures” is now the mantra of the panicked progressives, and no plan should be considered too evil, twisted, or illegal for them to adopt it in their unquenchable thirst for more power.

  • February 12, 2022 at 11:16 pm

    My guess is the Government will seize the trucks. How many of the soljah boys and mounties can drive big rigs? We may be about to find out.

  • February 13, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    How about some perspective. Was George III ever as evil and threatening as Leftists are today? So…
    I wonder, will soldiers, on the ground, follow orders from the senior “leadership” they have today? Will the police, on the ground, follow orders from their vile employers?

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