Kamala ❤️ Electric School Buses

Kamala ❤️ Electric School Buses

Kamala Harris traveled next door to Virginia last week to promote electric school buses. And imagine my surprise when I learned she gave a speech at a high school.

After seeing the clips from her speech, I felt sure she was talking to a bunch of preschoolers.

Then again, Kamala recently delivered a speech to members of the US Space Force that also sounded like she was talking to a bunch of preschoolers:

But we all know how much Kamala loves talking about space, don’t we?

The so-called Second Most Powerful Person in the WorldTM takes on the grating voice of a condescending preschool teacher — full of childlike wonder and awe – whenever she talks about space:

Apparently, electric school buses also bring out this embarrassing, cringy side of Kamala Harris. Just as she did when talking about space, Kamala once again adopts that faux childlike wonder in delivering her speech about electric school buses while speaking to the audience as if they arrived there on the short bus:

As always, to really appreciate the cringe, read it out loud to yourself in your best condescending, “talking to special ed kids” voice:

“And so I think about this subject of our yellow school buses in that regard. Because think about it: Yellow school buses are our nation’s largest form of mass transit. How about that? Every day — [clapping] so, yes, and let’s applaud, because it gets ‘em where they need to go. Cackle-cackle-cackle!”

“You can see the yellow school buses with your own eyes! With your own eyes!”

Spoiler alert: Kamala never thinks about yellow school buses.

“And it was fantastic. The press actually rode on an electric school bus, just so you know. So I think they got the real inside feeling for what this means. Right? And so, what we all experienced is, on an electric school bus, on an electric bus: no exhaust. No diesel smell.”

“Now, I’ve spoken to a number of drivers, for example, who have recently switched to electric buses. And they stressed the importance of a quiet engine, which is much bigger than just you can have a conversation and hear each other; it helps the drivers hear the road, which, of course, helps keep our children safer.”

“Our children.” Okay, that part is hilarious.

Kamala Harris is a childless woman in her fifties. She has zero experience with children, which might explain why she speaks to all of them, from 8 months to 18, like they’re semi-retarded toddlers.

I don’t know why Kamala thinks talking like she’s a character on Sesame Street is a good way for the Vice President of the United States to promote an administration policy.

Because it isn’t.

Between her off-putting cackle and her cartoony delivery, Kamala comes off vapid and unserious, and by extension makes whatever she’s talking about, whether space exploration or electric school buses, sound equally unserious.

You would think someone in the Veep’s office would tell her that Americans already have a tough time taking her seriously so maybe it’s time to drop the preschool teacher act and start behaving like a Vice President.

Then again, maybe someone has told her, but Kamala is so bad at this, she just can’t help herself.

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8 thoughts on “Kamala ❤️ Electric School Buses

  • May 22, 2022 at 10:03 am

    The covid shit-shot depopulation scheme isn’t advancing as quickly as the WEF cabal would like, so they had to come up with some ancillary ideas. Here’s one; let’s pile our children into electric school buses (which run on moonbeams, pixie dust and unicorn farts, and produce no exhaust) and see how many actually make it to their destination without being consumed in a lithium conflagration. Any parent with more than two functioning cerebral neurons should realize that these Moloch worshipping child killers have no regard for the safety of their children and home schooling may be the only way to keep their children safe and sane.

  • May 22, 2022 at 10:17 am

    Nicely done.

    I was reading that a city somewhere, Philadelphia maybe, bought 50 electric magic buses, but has parked them all now as result of fires. Maybe that painting needs some happy little flames.

  • May 22, 2022 at 10:30 am

    Space is so interesting and exciting to Heels-Up because there is so much space between her ears.

  • May 22, 2022 at 11:26 am

    Imagine the rural school buses on a below-freezing day stuck in the mountains. How many miles would one of these shuttles cover in the winter? Stuck on a mountain road is not the same as stuck at a downtown intersection. Leftists are total ignoramuses.

  • May 22, 2022 at 11:50 am

    GlobalClimateWarmingChange is pure fraud. Carbon Dioxide has nothing (!!) to do with the climate. CO2 in the atmosphere is a result of warming, not a cause. The Left has been using the methods of Josef Goebbels for decades. IT IS ALL A LIE. LEFTISTS ARE VILE LIARS. LYING IS THEIR RAISON D’ETRE.

  • May 22, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    They are Hell bent on making sure we don’t produce oil domestically but more than happy to make us depend on China for lithium.
    I recall when the feds went after fracking with predictions regarding contaminated ground water, fire shooting out of kitchen faucets, more frequent earthquakes , lowered water tables and anything else they could think up that sounded scary, None of which came to pass but they’re silent when it concerns the mountains of toxic waste produced by mining and refining vast amounts of “ore” using those same outrageous amounts of water and energy. There are several ways to extract lithium and none of them are friendly or green, in fact the waste water used in drying saline beds turns blue

    The one thing that is guaranteed to happen if this stupid cow keeps promoting electric this and electric that, will be an a steady increase in property taxes so jerk off school districts and then cities & towns can buy and maintain these school buses or municipal vehicles. But hey, at least the drivers will be able to hear the road and can chat with the kids before they are incinerated

    Recycling a single lithium car battery is another joke, most of the lithium is destroyed while trying to reclaim it while the rest of the stuff is either useless or toxic

  • May 23, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Is there any more vacuous person in politics? There is no way demented Joe will finish his term. That means she will become Mydamn President before the 2024 selection. GOD help us.

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