Kamala Harris: The resume-packing future Presidential Candidate


One thing became abundantly clear during this week’s Senate Hearings into the gigantic nothing-burger known as “Throw everything at Trump and see what sticks.”

Kamala Harris is working her ass off to build a foundation for her 2020 run for the White House.

She reminds me of the high school senior who signs up to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

That kid doesn’t give a tinker’s fart about building homes for the needy. He’s just indulging in a little resume-packing for when he applies to college.

Likewise, Kamala Harris isn’t interested in getting to the truth. She isn’t at all interested in getting her questions answered. And, really, she isn’t interested in being a United States Senator.

That’s not the point.

Everything she says as she preens and grandstands is all about running for President of the United States.

And in this desperate attempt at a little resume-packing, Harris goes out of her way to be as insufferable and obnoxious as humanly possible.

Hey, you don’t expect her to shut up and actually get her questions answered do you?

She needs to keep talking, talking, talking. Because somewhere in all that talking, she hopes to glean a few sound-bitable nuggets to use in campaign ads.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we learned that already last night her staff was poring over the video from yesterday’s hearing in search of just the right soundbite to file away for 2020.

And did you notice she always has a pen in her hand?

If I had to guess, I’d say that when Kamala isn’t prattling on like a peevish crank at the Returns counter of Walmart, she’s scribbling on a notepad — important things like “Madame President” and “President Kamala Harris” along with crude doodles of the Presidential Seal.

And maybe a heart with a Black Power fist inside it.

There’s a reason I call her Obama in a Pantsuit.

Harris is under the notion that making herself even more overbearing and detestable than Elizabeth Warren is her ticket to the White House.

And for the “Pussy Hat” crowd, it will work like a charm.

But her fixation on her own vainglorious ambition makes her a profoundly terrible member of the “world’s most deliberative body.”

Much like Obama before her, being in the Senate isn’t a job in and of itself. Instead, it is nothing but a stepping stone – one more thing to pack into her Presidential Candidate resume.

And she isn’t done.

If you thought the last couple days were bad, just wait until James Comey testifies today.

Kamala knows that every single network will be airing this circus live.

And while most are breathless with anticipation of what Comey is going to say, Kamala is breathless with anticipation over just how much national exposure she’ll be getting.

This will be her “coming out” — her big debut on the national stage.

And trust me when I say she will make full use of it.

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One thought on “Kamala Harris: The resume-packing future Presidential Candidate

  • June 8, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Ha, ha…Obama in a pantsuit — that’s brilliant. BHO can recommend Michelle’s designer to her.

    In an unrelated topic, it has been 50 years since the diabolical Israeli attack on a US naval vessel. Captain McGonagle’s outstanding seamanship following this attack, which left more than 30 US seamen and marines dead, over 170 wounded and his ship barely afloat, while perhaps not “Men Against the Sea” legendary, was supremely heroic. REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!

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