Kamala’s Cynical Cultural Appropriation

Kamala’s Cynical Cultural Appropriation

There is absolutely no denying that Kamala Harris is a woman of color.  But she isn’t the modern-day Rosa Parks.  And her cynical cultural appropriation of African Americans is, frankly, kind of embarrassing.

Back in February when Kamala recast herself into the role of a pot-smoking, rap-loving homegirl, I asked “How is Kamala’s pandering not insulting?” 

As I said at the time, Kamala thinks the only way to win the Democrat nomination is to pander to blacks in the most insulting way possible.

Blacks, according to Kamala, listen to the rap music, smoke the marijuana cigarette and hang with they homies. They don’t have Brahmin mothers with whom they traveled the world.

So Kamala talks about rap music, pot-smoking and her skin color the same way Hillary employed a fake black accent and deployed the hot sauce.

How long before Kamala does a townhall where she encourages the audience to feel free to ax her anything?

This is no less cultural appropriation than Hillary’s faux black accent.

And, speaking of faux black accents, Kamala tried hers on for size at the NAACP convention not long ago.

From the sound of it, you’d think Kamala grew up in Alabama instead of traveling the world with her Indian mother.

As I mentioned in February, Kamala Harris comes from a culturally diverse background – an Indian mother from the Brahmin caste who was a famous cancer researcher, and a Jamaican father who was an adviser to several Jamaican prime ministers.

She’s not exactly Butterfly McQueen — or even Queen Latifah.

And despite having this rich, diverse background, Kamala has decided to pass herself off as a two-dimensional stereotype of what she thinks is typical black America.

Her preplanned “spontaneous takedown” of Joe Biden during last week’s debate is the latest attempt at cultural appropriation.

The way she described her childhood, you’d think Kamala Harris grew up in the pre-civil rights Jim Crow south.

And while she recounted her highly stylized past, I couldn’t help but wonder if Kamala was trying to paint over her rather privileged, cultured upbringing to make her look more like the little girl in this Norman Rockwell print.

Yeah.  That’s not you, Kamala.

She was no more “born a poor, black child” than Steve Martin’s character in “The Jerk.”

And this obsessive need to jettison her own actual personal history for a cardboard cutout version of “the black experience” is cravenly opportunistic.

Why on earth is it so damn hard for Democrat candidates to just embrace who they are?

This kind of cultural appropriation is cynical pandering – not to mention just a wee bit insulting.

And it’s the bigotry of low expectations.  Kamala actually believes the way to appeal to black voters is to pretend she’s down with the struggle despite never having struggled in her entire life.

But what she’s appropriating isn’t even authentic. Instead, it’s nothing but a stereotype.

As Daniel Greenfield explained in his outstanding column “Kamala Harris’ Political Blackface Routine:”

The new political blackface routines, like the old minstrel shows, depend on insulting condescending stereotypes, like Warren’s Pow Wow Chow and Harris’ imaginary Jamaican pot smoking family. Minstrel shows dehumanized their targets and their participants. Political blackface does the same thing.

Senator Kamala Harris could run as a career prosecutor from two upper class families, who grew up traveling the world with her parents, who spent her formative years in Montreal, who counted Nancy Pelosi as a friend back in her Nob Hill days, who married at a Jewish-Indian wedding, and whose tastes in music, very obviously, don’t include either Snoop Dogg or Salt-N-Pepa.

Instead she decided to run as a self-made blackface cartoon because her background is too diverse and too complicated. Identity politics claims to value diversity, but favors simple identities that appeal to chauvinistic racial and ethnic national movements. Kamala’s diversity cuts across those neat lines, outraging racial and religious sensibilities, and necessitating a simpler story complete with blackface.

The fact is, Kamala will continue with this cynical cultural appropriation because she knows the mainstream news media will provide her ample cover to do so.

Already, those who criticize her inauthentic African American cultural appropriation are being labeled “bigots” — a talking point which is as cynical as Kamala’s phony caricature.

But nonetheless, the squawking fools in the news media will happily screech those talking points until they’re hoarse.

Like Ugly Ana:

Ah, yes. We’re threatened by a woman so completely inauthentic, she has to pretend she’s a cast member from “In Living Color” or “Gone with the Wind.” Good take, Ana.

Let’s be honest, Ana. The only one trying “racist bullshit” is Kamala Harris, you chubby, dimwitted fool.

But they’ll happily play Praetorian Guard to Kamala’s cultural appropriation. Unless of course she falls behind in the polls and the media chooses another candidate for the nomination.

Then expect them to critically ask why Kamala is so ashamed of her own cultural upbringing that she has to dress herself in a craven stereotype.

You know, like Don Lemon did back before Kamala became the latest flavor of the month.

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  • July 1, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    Kamala, Jamaican me cuss cuss.

  • July 1, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    Ana, the real racist is currently the democratic front runner, who called the 44th president, “a clean, articulate, mainstream African-American.”

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