Keystone Prosecutor – UPDATE

In the Belmont Stakes horse race for the single most incompetent public official in Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are running neck and neck.

You know why the police were in that area of Baltimore where Freddie Gray was apprehended?

Because State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby ordered increased police presence in that area as part of a crackdown on drug dealers.

Well now, isn’t that interesting.

From the Baltimore Sun:

“State’s Attorney Mosby asked me to look into community concerns regarding drug dealing in the area of North Ave and Mount St,” Joshua Rosenblatt, division chief of Mosby’s Crime Strategies Unit, wrote in a March 17 email to a Western District police commander.
The email was disclosed for the first time Tuesday in a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court by defense attorneys for the six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s arrest and death. The attorneys said Mosby’s involvement in the police initiative means that she should be removed from the case.
“Mrs. Mosby herself is now an integral part of the story and as such is a central witness,” the defense attorneys argued. “This is a case where the witness and the prosecutor are one and the same.”
Mosby, through spokeswoman Rochelle Ritchie, said, “Consistent with our prosecutorial obligations, we will litigate this case in the courtroom and not in the media.” Mosby’s office received the motion Tuesday afternoon, Ritchie said.

This revelation comes on the heels of the report that the request for a gag order Mosby’s office submitted was rejected because her crack team petitioned the wrong court. [hat tip the Conservative Treehouse]

I think we’ve discovered the Keystone Prosecutor.

Keystone Prosecutor

Notice Rochelle Richie’s argument is they will not litigate this in the media.

Let’s face it. Mosby tripped all over herself to hold a very public press conference immediately after receiving the autopsy report (that she is now trying to keep secret) to announce her filing charges against these six officers. Mosby made the decision to be a part of the media feeding frenzy. Mosby chose to make a very public appearance at Prince’s benefit concert for “Justice for Freddie Gray.”

This woman has been a media whore from day one.

Now, suddenly, she doesn’t want to litigate this case in the media?

But of course she doesn’t.

These idiots in the State’s Attorney’s office don’t want to have to address the laundry list of missteps and outlandish behavior because they know it all makes Mosby look like an incompetent hack.

Which, by the way…


Watch this clip from the Kelly File on just this thing:

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