Klobuchar muscled out of the race

Klobuchar muscled out of the race

Boy, when I predicted that nobody would drop out of the race before Super Tuesday, I did not anticipate just how underhanded and single-minded the Stop Bernie Democrats were going to be.  Just a short time ago, Amy Klobuchar became the latest “moderate” Democrat muscled out of the race before Super Tuesday.

Klobuchar will be appearing with Joe Biden in Texas to endorse him.

I was so certain hubris would reign and these guys would stay in at least through tomorrow’s primaries.

But Hubris is a 98 pound weakling compared to the bullies in the Stop Bernie camp.

I have absolutely no doubt that Klobuchar was ordered to pack her salad comb and her staff-kicking boots and hit the bricks.

Bernie is poised to run away with the majority of states tomorrow.  And the only hope the Stop Bernie establishment has to prevent that is by limiting the number of candidates voters can choose.

Rumor has it the Godfather of the Democrats himself, Barack Obama called Pastor Pete yesterday — which might explain why the pipsqueak platitude prattler did a one-eighty in less than twelve hours.  Yesterday morning, he was in this for the long hall.  But by evening he was out the door.

I am certain Klobuchar got her own offer she couldn’t refuse.

To drop out of the race the day before Super Tuesday?

I can understand Klobuchar clearing out on Wednesday or even late Tuesday night.  But before?

No. This wasn’t her choice.

This is only something you do if you are told to do it. The Democrat establishment is flat-out interfering with the primaries by funneling voters in the direction of the candidate they’ve chosen to stop Bernie Sanders.

And if I’m right, I’m guessing some poor Klobuchar staffer is going to bear the brunt of Amy’s disappointment.

I’m kind of bummed. But mostly because I never took the opportunity to do a Photoshop of the poor gal.

And now it’s too late.

Ah, well. Maybe I can come up with something to add to the 2020 Democrat Candidates gallery of the Dianny Image Vault. If for no other reason than to record her exit from the race.

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2 thoughts on “Klobuchar muscled out of the race

  • March 2, 2020 at 4:25 pm

    To all those early voters/mail in voters – thanks for participating & wasting your vote!

  • March 2, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    There will be chaos at the Democratic convention if Bernie is denied. Chicago 68 comes to mind, 2020 Milwaukee could be worse.

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