You know it resonated by the collective freak-out it caused

collective freak-out

I just finished watching Donald Trump’s immigration speech from Phoenix last night, and all I can say is, wow! It was excellent.

Trump didn’t just give a dry, boring, wonkish policy speech.

Instead, he delivered this speech with his trademark excitement and enthusiasm to an equally excited and enthusiastic crowd.

Yesterday was a yuge day for Mr. Trump and one that could very well be the turning point in this election.

You know how I know?

Because the Left is having a collective freak-out over all of it — his trip to Mexico, his speech in Arizona. All of it.

The louder they scream and the harder they clutch their pearls, the more certain I am that Trump hit a home run yesterday.

The drama queens on Team Clinton are beside themselves with fury. The sputtering outrage and over-the-top fearmongering is quite a thing to behold.

Actually, it’s kinda funny.

As an aside. Did you know that Hillary Clinton’s debate prep centers on finding ways to get under Donald Trump’s skin?

Yeah. It does.

Hillary has an army of researchers to dig up dirt. On top of that, she has psychology experts advising her on just the right insults to hurl at Trump in order to throw him off his game.

I saw that at the New York Times and nearly busted a gut laughing.

The woman who wants us all to believe that Trump is not fit to be President because he uses insults and name-calling is preparing to use insults and name-calling.

This woman who desperately wants us to think she’s the most Presidential of presidential candidates to ever run for President is hoping to insult her way to victory.

It’s hilarious!

What this dimwitted old crone doesn’t understand is Donald Trump is a street fighter. He isn’t some quisling little country club Republican who will collapse like a soufflé under her carefully prepared and scripted insults.

Without any need for psychology experts, Donald Trump will hit her back so hard, her mysterious body man will have to keep running onto the debate stage to prop her upright again.

Here’s the irony. She has to be schooled in how to get under Donald’s skin. But Donald Trump has already taken up residence beneath Grandma’s translucent skin.

He has burrowed so far under there, you can barely see the top of his head through her crepe paper flesh.

And he didn’t get there by insulting her.

He got there by speaking to the issues that matter most to the American people.

Granny’s Depends are in a twist because while she’s having to hire a battalion of insult experts, Donald Trump is out there every day acting presidential.

While she hides from the press and avoids voters, Donald Trump is narrowing the polling gap.

The woman is nearly apoplectic over his trip to Mexico and his powerful speech last night.

The collective freak-out coming from Team Clinton and the Enslaved Press (same thing) only proves that Trump’s speech is resonating with voters.

Rather than simply report on the speech, CNN and other members of the Enslaved Press sought out anti-Trump immigration advocates to don sack cloth and ashes while fearmongering on camera.

They called his speech xenophobic.

Unless xenophobia has been redefined to mean, “Opposing illegal immigration,” this speech was not xenophobic.

Protecting the citizens of the United States is the central responsibility of the Federal Government.

Securing our borders, maintaining our sovereignty, our national identity — these the things a President should be doing.

This collective freak-out has nothing to do with Trump being xenophobic and everything to do with the Left being Americaphobic.

Americaphobics have a strong dislike and prejudice against people from the United States.

They despise anyone who wants to put the American people first.

“We’re better than this,” they moan.

“That’s not who we are,” they lecture.

Really? The President of the United States of America shouldn’t put the American people first?


For decades now, the Left has tried to inculcate in us this idea that America does not have a culture, a heritage, a way of life. Therefore, anyone who believes that there is a distinct American culture is nothing more than a racist and a nativist.

If you believe that those who emigrate to the US should assimilate into our culture, you are engaging in “hate speech.”

If you believe that immigration should always be based on what is in the best interests of the country, you are a xenophobe.

They want us to believe that there is no difference between legal immigration and foreign nationals in our country illegally.

The reason these Americaphobics have been able to get away with it for so long is nobody has been willing to stand up to them.

Even Republicans have been unwilling to launch a frontal assault against their anti-American, open borders, anti-sovereignty rhetoric.

Then along comes Donald Trump.

Trump won’t bow to the America-hating Leftists.

He won’t apologize for standing up for the American people.

He refuses to play their word games in calling foreign nationals in this country illegally “undocumented immigrants” or “undocumented Americans.”

The louder these Americaphobics howl and complain, the more effective you know Trump’s position is with voters.

Like cornered animals, these Americaphobics are lashing out. They know their hegemony over us is being threatened.

They know it.

Their collective freak-out over not just his speech yesterday, but Donald Trump’s entire campaign is proof that they know they’re losing.

They tried to scare Trump into silence by calling him names. And it didn’t work.

Now they’re trying to scare us away from supporting him by calling us names.

And they will fail.

You understand?

They. Will. Fail.

If you haven’t seen the whole thing, here’s the video from Trump’s speech.


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