Kotex Hardest Hit

Melissa Harris-Perry has made the bold decision to boycott her own program. Kotex hardest hit.

Kotex hardest hit

Sadly, nobody else will notice.

Perry wrote a scathing email where she attacked MSNBC and its parent company NBC News for treating her unfairly by routinely preempting her show for election coverage.

I know! Election coverage?! Like anybody cares about the election. Don’t they know we’d much rather hear Harris-Perry pontificate on the inherent racism of napkins?!

“I’m not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head,” she wrote shortly before claiming she had no proof it was racially-motivated. “I don’t know if there’s a racial component. I don’t think anyone is doing something mean to me because I’m a black person.”

Come on. Why point out that you aren’t a “token, mammy or little brown bobble head” if you’re going to say it isn’t because you’re black?

But Melissa sees everything through race-colored glasses. Even Star Wars for Pete’s sake.

Hey, Melissa. Television is a slave to ratings, my dear. Sorry. Should I not say “slave.” How about beholden? Can I say television is beholden to ratings?

Have you ever considered that one of the reasons they opt to pre-empt your program for something else is because MSNBC is in the business of making money? Why the hell else would they host a “town hall” with Donald Trump to run opposite CNN’s Republican town hall? They despise Trump, but he brings in the ratings (theoretically anyway. Turns out their Trump town hall got spanked by CNN’s town hall and Fox News).

MSNBC is struggling in the ratings. And bad ratings mean poor advertising revenue. Maybe MSNBC doesn’t see the value in staying faithful to a program where the host and assorted guests sit around a table feigning outrage over the racist implications found in the color of Band-aids. It isn’t exactly must-see TV, Melissa.

Let’s be blunt. Other than providing hilarious video clips highlighting the rank stupidity of ideologically-driven Leftists who spend their time looking under every rock for lurking Klansmen, is there any point to Melissa Harris-Perry’s show?

Does anyone even know the name of Melissa Harris-Perry’s show?

Maybe if she started mispronouncing words and speaking unintelligibly into the camera like Al Sharpton, MSNBC wouldn’t keep pre-empting her for something as seemingly trivial as the Presidential election.

Hat tip New York Times.

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3 thoughts on “Kotex Hardest Hit

  • February 27, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    She is not a bad looking girl, even for a guanno crazy liberal chick. But, it trully escapes me how anyone would find her news worthy, let alone give her a show of her own. What a National embarassment! Her parents must be soooo proud. And now she tries to get attention by not showing up for work? WTFO?

  • February 28, 2016 at 12:27 am

    With the I.R.S. hot on her back and the skyrocketing price of fake hair weaves these days, she’ll be on her knees begging MSNBC for air time soon.

  • February 28, 2016 at 1:34 am

    “I’m not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head” is that what her liberal employers over at MSNBC think of women, er, womyn of color?

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