Ladies and Gentlemen, the Honorable Senator from the State of Central America

Can you believe this?

No wonder Chuck Schumer has been such a disaster as New York’s Senator. He isn’t the Senator from New York at all.

honorable Senator

Nope. Chuck Schumer is the Senator from the State of Central America.

If only we could drop-kick him over the border so he could serve his constituents better.

You know, Ann Coulter was right.

Yesterday, in making the rounds to discuss Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama, Ann said if Republicans want to win elections, they need to run candidates who are in line with President Trump on immigration.

I’ve said for quite some time that the single issue that shot Donald Trump to the top of the heap in 2015 was his position on illegal immigration.

If you recall, from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he made illegal immigration and building the wall central to his campaign.

In fact, when Trump pointed out in his announcement that Mexico wasn’t sending us their best, the news media went apoplectic. Despite what he actually said, they clutched their pearls and accused Trump of saying all Mexicans are rapists.

They howled and screamed about what a racist monster Trump was for saying such a thing.

They wouldn’t shut up about it.

Which turned out to be a good thing for Trump.

Because thanks to the incessant bleating on the part of the media, Americans heard what Trump said about illegal immigration and flocked to him.

His very first event after declaring his candidacy was a joint press conference with families whose loved ones were murdered by illegals.

At the time of that press conference, I wrote:

This is why Donald Trump is resonating.
Finally, somebody is saying the very things that far too many of us have been saying for years while our elected officials turned a deaf ear.
As I listened to them, I felt less like Trump was using these people as props and more like these people were finally being given an opportunity to be heard.
That in large part was due to the fact that Trump gave them the floor. He stepped back and let them do the talking. More importantly, he listened.
And it would be wise of the Republican Party to take heed.
A very large segment of the nation feel abandoned by Washington — by the very people whom we elected to represent us.
And finally, finally someone is not only listening to them, but giving them a venue from which to speak.

Whether he intended it or not, Trump’s decision to make illegal immigration the lynchpin of his campaign is precisely why he won.

And then there’s the honorable Senator from the State of Central America – letting everybody know that, unlike President Trump, he stands with the illegal aliens.

Not with the State of New York or its citizens, no. Senator Schumer stands with the illegals.

This sanctimonious indifference to the American people is exactly the attitude that pushed voters onto the Trump Train.

Building the wall and putting an end to the flood of illegals – these two issues still resonate with Americans today.

So I agree with Ann Coulter; if the Republican party wants to win elections, immigration – more than any other issue – is the one that will win voters over.

Especially when candidates can point out the indifference toward the American people coming from idiots like the honorable Senator from the State of Central America.

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One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Honorable Senator from the State of Central America

  • December 15, 2017 at 10:04 am

    I tend to think of Schumer, Cuomo, and the rest of the liberal cadre as the representatives from New York City. Their interests and their attention is focused on their constituency which is the metro area of New York City.

    I have lived in New York State (Upstate) for all but two years of my life and the bias of our state government has been shifting constantly south towards NYC Metro the entire time. The flood of illegal immigrants has served to bloat the population of that region which increases the representation of that region in our state legislative bodies as well as our federal legislative districts.

    You have to be a citizen to vote, but if you are not a citizen you still count when the various districts are drawn up for representation. The census does not delineate the difference in reporting the number of ‘residents’. Legislative districts are drawn based on ‘residents’ not voters or citizens. Big difference here.

    So, importing non-citizens may not increase the voter tally for the democrats but it does skew the legislative representation so more ‘urban’ representation is put in place and remember, urban generally leans democratic.

    Democrats may say that there is little illegal voting and that is a debatable issue but inflating ‘residency’ rolls inflates their representation and illegal immigration directly serves to increase democrats in the governing bodies of our state and federal governments.

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