Last Day of the 2020 End-of-Year Fundraiser!

Last Day of the 2020 End-of-Year Fundraiser!

Not only is today the last day of 2020, it’s the last day of’s 2020 End-of-Year Fundraiser.

First up, a big, BIG thank you to everyone who made a donation or set-up a recurring monthly donation this week! You guys are so generous and supportive, and it fills me with sappy gratitude. And I’m not ordinarily one for sappy gratitude.

I was especially moved by the kind messages I received from you. It’s heartening to know how much you enjoy the work I do here. That makes it all worth it.

Let’s be honest, it’s been an especially difficult year all around. What makes it so much harder is knowing the people put in charge of our cities and states caused a lot of the difficulty. Nothing like government-imposed hardship to make a year really crappy. If only politicians had their own version of the Hippocratic Oath. Then again, the Constitution is one long “First do no harm.” Too bad they can’t abide by that.

And it’s because I know so many of you were victims of that economic killing blow that I am doubly grateful for the support you’ve shown me this year.

As I said on Saturday, I ring in 2021 owing the entire year’s webhosting bill in one lump sum. It’s a heck of a way to start the year. But I love the guys that host my website, so it’s totally worth it. But it is a big hit nonetheless. And the End-of-Year Fundraiser helps ensure that bill is paid on time.

If you’ve been planning on making a contribution to, this last day of the End-of-Year Fundraiser is a great time to do it.

So hit the tip jar in the sidebar and click the DONATE button (if you’re reading this on a smart phone, you may have to scroll all the way down to see the sidebar).

You can also choose to set up a recurring monthly payment through the SUBSCRIBE button. Those recurring donations are a godsend when it comes to paying the monthly bills — like Cloudflare Security.

For those of you skittish about using a credit card online, you are welcome to send a check via snail mail.

Make checks payable to Diann Russell and mail them to:

Diann Russell
PO Box 66
LaFayette, NY 13084

During the week of January 11th, I’ll be holding a raffle and the winner will receive all six of my ebooks through

And, if you haven’t seen it yet, close out the last day of 2020 by checking out Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of 2020. Yeah, it’s a hell of a long column. But imagine how much longer it would be if I included every single tiresome person who exhausted the hell out of us in 2020.

I hope you all enjoy your New Year’s Eve. I know I’m going to go wild – doing laundry and watching “Downton Abbey” (I know, I’m a party animal).

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2 thoughts on “Last Day of the 2020 End-of-Year Fundraiser!

  • January 4, 2021 at 1:12 am

    Will a Postal Money Order work sent to that address above? My laptop is so screwed up it won’t update anything so I can’t donate via a card any more.

    • January 4, 2021 at 6:28 am

      So long as it’s made out to Diann Russell, absolutely.

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