The last refuge of the closed mind


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I wrote a column in August titled Don’t go to college.

I stand by that assertion.

American colleges and universities have become the last refuge of the closed mind.

Anyone seeking “higher learning” should look elsewhere.

If anything in American culture has become fascistic, it is the college campus.

Differing opinions are considered “hate speech” And those with whom they disagree are shouted down and silenced.

Sure, we laugh at the absurdity of college administrators granting students permission to skip class so they have time to weep into their soy lattes over the defeat of Hillary Clinton. But the truth is, there is nothing funny about what’s happening on American campuses.

Oleg Atbashian — Agitprop artist and founder of the People’s Cube – is facing five years in jail for posting pro-Israel/anti-terrorist agitprop on the campus of George Mason University.

In exercising the First Amendment, Atbashian was arrested by campus police.

Stop and marvel at the irony of this.

George Mason is considered the Father of the Bill of Rights.

It was he who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights which became the basis of our Bill of Rights.

And on the campus named for this lover of Liberty and the rights of man, exercising Free Speech is a crime.

More ironic still is who Oleg Atbashian is.

He was a dissident in the former Soviet Union who escaped that tyrannical regime only to find himself arrested at an American university named for the Father of the Bill of Rights.

These hysterical, weeping Leftists are right. Fascism is alive and well in America.

And it thrives on college campuses – the last refuge of the closed mind.

Atbashian writes [from Front Page Magazine]:

Since they couldn’t find any weapons and our message was protected by the First Amendment, the officers decided to charge us with “destruction of property worth of at least $2,500,” which was a “class 6 felony.” They claimed we had “super-glued” our fliers to school signs and it was impossible to peel them off.

Yes. If by “super-glue” they mean wallpaper paste made of wheat and water.

Only the spineless snowflakes who require coloring books and therapy dogs to recover from the trauma of Trump winning the Presidency would have difficulty peeling them off.

But no matter. The police who stopped Atbashian and his associates needed to be able to arrest them for something. After all, they committed the crime of speaking the truth on a college campus.

And on that day “trumped up charges” was redefined.

Atbashian continued:

The magistrate’s decision was quick:  $8,000 bail for each of us and a mandatory court hearing within several days. As we were led away to be processed into the system, Officer Guston said, somewhat triumphantly, his final words to us: “You can’t come to GMU ever again.”

The notion that universities are places where ideas are debated and discussed and “learning” takes place has all but been obliterated.

There is no pursuit of knowledge and truth; only the pursuit of uniformity of thought.

These cloistered Leftists who have swallowed whole the once quaint idea of “higher learning” seek to impose this same thought-control on the country as a whole.

This is the face of fascism.

Not Donald Trump.

Not “white privilege.”

This. American campuses – the last refuge of the closed mind.

Dianny’s side note:
Oleg is the author of Shakedown Socialism.

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5 thoughts on “The last refuge of the closed mind

  • November 16, 2016 at 6:40 pm


    Thank you so much for writing this. Oleg and I will include it in our list of media links for people to share far and wide to get this story out and to help pressure GMU to drop all charges.

    Larissa Atbashian
    Asst. editor, The People’s Cube — where we cure weak liberalism with strong communism

  • November 17, 2016 at 2:54 am

    That does it. We’re starting a “Free Oleg!” campaign in Virginia. I almost got busted for peeling Obama stickers off lamp posts in Boulder on the CU campus. Those commies wanted to charge me with vandalism for REMOVING the stickers. Idiots. Solidarnosh, Larissa!

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