The Left have all become perverse Civil War Reenactors

civil war

I have a friend who, with his son, are Civil War Reenactors. It’s been a fairly traditional hobby for quite some time among American history buffs. They all gather at different Civil War battle sites and stage reenactments – you know the drill.

What a terrific, hands-on way to learn America’s history.

And when I say the Left have all become Civil War reenactors, I don’t mean in the way my friend and his son do it.

No. They’ve perverted it.

Instead, these guys have decided to relaunch the Civil War and fight it all over again in hopes for a different, more vicious outcome.

The always ignorant Don Lemon went so far as to claim that erecting statues or naming buildings for General Robert E. Lee would be the equivalent of naming a building after Osama bin Laden.

I think this is even more idiotic than Chelsea Clinton comparing the south to Satan.

You did hear about that, right?

It’s as if these ignorant fools don’t know our own history.

After the Civil War, President Lincoln immediately sought to reunite the American People – north and south.

This was an effort to restore our United States and move past the conflict.

Lincoln closed his second inaugural address with the words, “With malice toward none, and charity for all…”

But for fools like Don Lemon and Chelsea Clinton, there is only malice.

One hundred and fifty-two years after the Civil War’s end, they still want the South to pay. And they still see the South as the enemy.

Come on. General Lee is the equivalent of Osama bin Laden or Satan?

What is wrong with these people?

Make no mistake. This is not just an effort to undermine Trump’s Presidency.

I have said countless times that it isn’t about their hatred for Donald Trump. It’s about their hatred for the tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump.

Chelsea’s mom called us deplorable and irredeemable.

And Hillary’s sentiment is shared by everyone on the Left.

That’s why her Manhattan audience laughed and applauded her slandering half the country.

So they are more than willing to smear every single person who lives south of the Mason-Dixon line as an unrepentant racist Confederate.

But these Civil War reenactors aren’t looking to learn from history.

Instead, they want to re-litigate it.

You see for them, it wasn’t enough just to defeat the South. No. The North should have exterminated everyone who lived there and replaced them with dingbats like Chelsea Clinton and Don Lemon.

So they smear all of Southern culture and tradition as racist. And they try to wipe it from our history and our memory banks.

This isn’t about racism.

It’s about those of you who live in the South – those states that overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump.

They can’t beat you at the ballot box, so they smear you as knuckle-dragging racists and Klansmen. Their hope is to so marginalize you that you have no place and no voice in our self-government.

Think of this as an ethnic cleansing of sorts – a not uncommon phenomenon of the Left.

It is shameful and perverse.

But then again, is there anything about the Left that isn’t?

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2 thoughts on “The Left have all become perverse Civil War Reenactors

  • August 20, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    The Russian narrative failed so now the Democratic Party has to start a second civil war because they lost an election? What a bunch of babies. They’re so detached from reality that they can’t see their imminent doom

  • August 21, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    What the hell is Chelsea talking about??? I seriously doubt she’s ever been inside a church, unless it was the Church of the Hildebeast.

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