Let the Blame Game Begin!

Let the Blame Game Begin!

After the abject failure of leadership in New York last night, the inevitable blame game has begun between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio.

Nobody is surprised about this.

I said earlier in my post “This is what a Leadership Vacuum looks like” that once the smoke clears, these two would find a way to play the blame game.

It’s what they do.

It’s what these two always do.

Cuomo used his daily press briefing to point the finger of blame at Bill de Blasio.

And, yeah.  De Blasio didn’t do his job and he didn’t let the NYPD do its job.

But who’s the governor of New York, Andy?

Need a hint?  Well, check out where your other fingers are pointing as you point a finger at de Blasio and the NYPD.  Well, lookie there!  They’re pointing at you!

Cuomo told the press that de Blasio refused the help of the National Guard.

And apparently that was enough for Andy.  No sense beleaguering the point and sending the Guard anyway. Better to just let the city burn for another night, right, Cuomo, you dipshit.

De Blasio, on the other hand, is blaming the rioting on “400 years of American racism.”

Hey, there are plenty of cards to play in the blame game, am I right?

Might as well blame it on “400 years of American racism” while you’re at it. I mean it isn’t as if de Blasio is going to take any responsibility for this utter clusterfark.

Instead of threatening to send the National Guard, just send the National Guard, you dumbass.

How many more police and civilians need to be attacked, how many more stores need to be looted before you get off your ass and do your job?!

Naturally, Cuomo is on Twitter again today attacking President Trump and accusing him of “blurring the lines” between “peaceful, legitimate protesters and looters.”

Play that video above again.  Notice he tells the press to look at those videos of the looting.  So, do you want us to look at the videos of the looting or do you want us to pretend what happened in NYC didn’t happen? The video of George Floyd is only one part of this. And at this point, it is an irrelevant part of it. This stopped being about him long ago. Now it’s about you, Andy. You and your incompetent sidekick.

You see what I mean when I say New York has a leadership vacuum?

These two morons couldn’t even let the smoke clear before playing the blame game.

And while these two clowns play the blame game, New York State’s “top law enforcement officer” is doing the only thing she ever does: threatening to sue President Trump.

New York State is run by fools.  Absolute, unmitigated fools.

Meanwhile here on Planet Earth:

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One thought on “Let the Blame Game Begin!

  • June 2, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    The blame game is S.O.P. today and has been for quite some time. I didn’t do it, not my fault, they did it too. Sound familiar, typical behavior in the year 2020.

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