Let the turd-polishing begin!

I’m sure you heard that CNN aired a fauxcumentary called “The Legacy of Barack Obama” on Wednesday night.

Of course they did.

With their beloved Barack’s time in office mercifully winding down, CNN felt it necessary to do a little turd-polishing.

And people wonder why nobody watches CNN anymore.

But be prepared.

CNN won’t be the only outlet that feels the need to turn themselves into a Fanzine for Barack in the closing days of his presidency.

Before Donald Trump is sworn in, we’re going to be inundated with fawning tributes and fond looks back at the destructive eight years of Barack Obama.

For the Enslaved Press, history doesn’t just happen; it is orchestrated.

The Enslaved Press needs to build monuments to their Dear Leader. God knows nobody in the real world will do it.

Prepare yourself for a parade of sickening, saccharine-filled drivel — complete with inspirational music, soft-focus images and oodles of clips from what they consider Obama’s most rousing speeches.

Celebrities will be asked to join in – giving fawning reminiscences of this man Newsweek editor Evan Thomas once said stood above us like a god.

You thought the turd-polishing in 2009 was bad?

Just wait.

It’s going to be even more fervent and intense than it was back then.

See, unlike in 2009 when Obama was a virtual unknown, now the Enslaved Press has to work overtime to counteract reality.

But don’t worry. They’re prepared to turn this shit-sandwich into Glorious Leader. It’ll be like something out of North Korea.

Trust me. The Enslaved Press has been planning these tributes since Obama won reelection in 2012.

They will portray him as the greatest President in history – loved and admired by all, but hampered by a virulent and hateful opposition motivated solely by racism.

This endless turd-polishing will be the textbook definition of “Fake News.”

And it will be virtually inescapable.

Magazines, cable news, network news, entertainment programs, daily newspapers – they’re all going to get in on the act.

I won’t be in the least bit surprised if Ellen and the ladies from the View also have their own very special tribute to Barack Obama.

So be prepared.

There’s going to be so much turd-polishing, the whole country will smell like a latrine by January 20th.

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One thought on “Let the turd-polishing begin!

  • December 9, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    They certainly have a plethora of poop from which to work. It is kinda like playdough, except playdough has many more colors from which to choose, and it smells better. These sick lil Liberals likes them some damn playdough. They will no doubt break out the glitter and lipstick too.

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