Let’s shun Sunny Hostin instead

Let’s shun Sunny Hostin instead

Sunny Hostin, one of the three witches of Macbeth who hosts The View, thinks we need to “shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.”

I’ve been watching “Game of Thrones” for the first time, and I just saw the episodes where a group of religious extremists take over King’s Landing. They imprison Queen Margery for lying about knowing her brother likes men. They imprison her brother for liking men. And they imprison the Queen Mother Cersei Lannister for … well … having sex with people she shouldn’t.

The irony of course is this extremist cult took over King’s Landing because of Cersei. She let them gain power. And then, when they had that power, they turned on her. Funny how that happens.

After the cult keeps her prisoner and tortures her, Cersei finally “confesses,” and they agree to let her go back to the palace. But first, she must make a walk of shame. The cultists sheer Cersei of her hair and force her to walk naked through the streets while one of the cultists walks behind her ringing a bell and chanting “Shame! Shame!” The crowds lining the streets pelt her with rocks, food and shit while they jeer at her.

As I watched that scene, I thought of the COVID Cult.

I mean how could I not?

The COVID cultists berate and jeer people who won’t wear masks outside.

They even try to shame people who haven’t taken the vaccine.

So learning that Sunny Hostin wants to subject Americans to the Cersei Lannister treatment is about as surprising as discovering the sun came up this morning.

On a related note. Why are hateful shrews always misnamed?

There’s nothing joyful about Joy Reid. And there’s nothing sunny about Sunny Hostin.

The funny thing is, Sunny Hostin is a lawyer. She is, in fact, a legal analyst for ABC News. Which says quite a bit about the quality of “legal analysis” one gets from ABC News.

You see, Sunny Hostin believes our liberties come, not from God, but from herd immunity. And those of us who have not been vaccinated are infringing on the liberties of others. Therefore we must be shunned.

“If that’s your personal choice not to get vaccinated,” said the not-so-sunny Sunny, “you don’t then get to infringe on the rights of those who have chosen to protect their fellow citizens.”

But how are we infringing on the rights of those who have been vaccinated if they are vaccinated from COVID? You’re vaccinated, Sunny. Being around someone who isn’t vaccinated shouldn’t make a damn bit of difference to you because, and let me repeat, you are vaccinated.

Unless of course Sunny Hostin doesn’t believe the COVID vaccine protects you from COVID. In which case, what in the name of sweet fancy Moses is the point of getting vaccinated at all?

My friend Meli over at iOTWReport.com refers to the Wuhan Virus as the “Controla Virus.” It’s the perfect name. What’s happening in America today isn’t the result of a pandemic 99% of us will survive; it is the result of the government’s response to a pandemic 99% of us will survive.

This has always been about control. Politicians discovered early on that they could control the population through fear of this virus. And too many Americans, like Cersei Lannister, were happy to give these power-hungry fascists that kind of control. You think those fascists will give it up now?

They will never stop using threats and fear to maintain their control. Never.

Sunny Hostin wants to use the threat of being shunned as a way to coerce free American citizens into taking a vaccine that she herself doesn’t seem to think works.

How does someone like that get a national platform from which to spew her garbage?

The only people we should shun are slack-jawed halfwits like Sunny Hostin and the morons who would listen to her.

Sunny should really watch those episodes of “Game of Thrones” to learn what happened to the people who marched Cersei Lannister through the streets. Let’s just say, pushback, like Cersei herself, was a monumental bitch.

Hat tip Breitbart News.

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