Let’s talk about Hillary’s Experience

Michelle Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton again yesterday in Philly. And once again the First Shrew told those assembled that there is nobody in our lifetime who is more qualified to be President than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yup. She’s all kinds of experienced.

Okay, fine.

Let’s travel in the Way Back Machine, courtesy of Citizens United and learn all about Hillary’s experience.

Here is the film originally made in 2008 that the Clinton Campaign managed to ban ostensibly because it violated Campaign Finance Reform Laws.

It was this film that spawned the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that Hillary kvetches about endlessly.

She didn’t stop the release of this documentary because of some highfalutin defense of “Democracy.”

Hillary Clinton stopped the release of this film because it exposed this wretched felonious hag’s “Experience.”

If you don’t have the time to watch now, come back and watch it later.

Make the time to take this stroll down Memory Lane.

This is the corrupt, disgusting woman who wants to be President and Commander-in-Chief.


And while we’re talking about Hillary’s “Experience,” take another hour to watch Clinton Cash over at Breitbart.

Is this the kind of “Experience” we want in the White House?

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  • September 29, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Excellent movie selection Dianny. Thank you!

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