Levin calls these people Masterminds

Levin calls these people Masterminds

Kelli Ann Burriesci is one of those brilliant, BRILLIANT people in the Obama Administration. She is the Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US Department of Homeland Security’s Screening Coordination Office.

Yes, my friends. She’s in charge of the screening of individuals seeking to come into the United States.

Well, Kelli Ann went before Congress last Thursday and had her ass handed to her “in the most delightful way.”

If you haven’t seen these videos yet, you absolutely have to watch them.

And if you have, go ahead and watch them again.

They’re just that good.

First up, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) making poor Kelli Ann shrink down in her set as if she wished it would open up and swallow her:

“Sorry, I didn’t bring that with me.”

“Sorry, I didn’t bring that information with me.”

“I don’t know the number.”

“I don’t have that answer, sir.”

Yes, this is the gal in charge of the ROBUST Vetting!!

My favorite part is when Jim Jordan starts to laugh at the absurdity of this and starts rubbing his forehead in incredulity.

That is just a humdinger!

But wait!

This was is humdingier!

Watch Congressman Trey Gowdy render this little “career civil servant” utterly speechless.

Clearly this young lady didn’t catch on that Trey Gowdy wanted to point out (brilliantly I might add) that those on the No-Fly List are not afforded due process rights (Fourth Amendment) before they get placed on this list.

This is some brilliant work by Gowdy.

And the fact that this gal served as his witless foil made it all the more scrumptious.

Can you believe Mark Levin calls these people Masterminds?

And he’s right, you know? They really do believe they are Masterminds. They really do believe that your rights come from them and they can, on a whim, dole them out or take them away.

And when hit dead between the eyes with logic, truth and facts, they turn into mute meat-sacks with a “deer-in-the-headlights” stare.

I gotta tell you. These two videos are instant classics!

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