Lies have consequences

Shortly before yet another ambush on police, this time in Baton Rouge, Tom Brokaw appeared on Meet the Press today and bemoaned the fact that race relations are so bad. [Hat tip Breitbart]

”I grew up at the beginning of the civil rights movement. I really thought we would be a different country by now. We have elected an African American president. There is a lot of progress. But the hostility out there is really unsettling to me. And it’s based on pigmentation. People are making judgments based on the color of skin. Bang like that.”

It’s not based on pigmentation, Tom. It’s based on lies.

Yes, Tom. There is a lot of hostility. That’s what happens when Leftist agitators, the Enslaved Press and even our own “African American President” gin up anger and racial division based on lies and false narratives.

Here’s the problem, Tom. Lies have consequences.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t some innocent little lamb minding his own business who was shot dead for no other reason than he was black.

But you guys in the Enslaved Press peddled those lies nonetheless. You even went so far as to call the shooter a “White Hispanic” in order to perpetrate the fiction that whites were indiscriminately shooting black “children” for no reason. NBC, your own network, doctored the 911 tape to make it sound like George Zimmerman called the police because Martin was black.

You idiots in the Enslaved Press used an old photograph of Trayvon Martin from when he was a little boy, rather than a more current photo of him to further push the lie.

From the White House, Barack Obama continued to push the false narrative that Trayvon Martin was an innocent victim of “gun violence” killed only because of the color of his skin. Aside from declaring, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said this after George Zimmerman was rightfully acquitted:

“We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

Lies have consequences.

The lie of “gentle giant” Michael Brown, shot indiscriminately while holding his hands up in surrender burned the city of Ferguson to the ground. Millions of dollars in property damaged. Destroyed businesses — many of them minority owned. People injured and killed. All for a lie.

But there was your Enslaved Press, Tom. Right there on the ground fomenting the anger, fanning the flames, drumming into our heads the false narrative. You guys had little or no regard for the outcome of perpetrating the lies. You didn’t care that you destroyed the life of an innocent man.

When the President of the United States helps to advance the lie, gives the lie legitimacy, and then permits the purveyors of the lie to come to the White House and make demands of local law enforcement, those anarchists profiting off the lie are emboldened. Those who seek to use the lie to murder police officers are emboldened.

Rush Limbaugh asked this past week, how would it have been different if Barack Obama spoke the truth about Michael Brown and Ferguson rather than play into the lie? [From]

“This is what we expect of presidents, is the point. We don’t expect presidents to further and promulgate lies and misinformation for the express purpose of creating and fomenting deadly anger. Presidents try to quell these situations. They try to get a handle on ’em and ratchet down the tension. Such an opportunity exists here because the truth was the truth, and the truth was not part of the narrative. Now, if that had happened — and I can’t predict in the alternative future, but I have to think that the aftermath of that incident the lie would have been short-lived.”

But that’s not what happened, is it? Instead, Barack Obama kept the lie alive. Worse, he fed the beast. He let it grow and flourish. He welcomed it into the Justice Department and the White House.

And now, just a short while ago in Baton Rouge, three more police officers are dead and three wounded.

Lies have consequences.

And the consequences are dead cops.

For Tom Brokaw to complain about the very environment he and his ilk have helped to create is really contemptible. For him to complain about it while at the same time continuing to advance the lie is criminal.

His hands are not clean in this. The Enslaved Press broadcast the Lie. They gave legitimacy to a domestic terror group that seeks, not civil rights, but civil unrest.

They have emboldened those who seek to kill police.

This isn’t about racial “justice.” This is about anarchy.

Lies have consequences.

Deadly, destructive consequences.

And the ones who emboldened the liars and flagrantly perpetrated the lie have the audacity to feign surprise? How dare they.

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2 thoughts on “Lies have consequences

  • July 17, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Also largely ignored by the MSM in constructing the choir boy cardboard cutout of Trayvon:

    “In October 2011, after a video surveillance camera caught Martin writing graffiti on a door, MDSPD Officer Darryl Dunn searched Martin’s backpack, looking for the marker he had used. Officer Dunn found 12 pieces of women’s jewelry and a man’s watch, along with a flathead screwdriver the officer described as a “burglary tool.” The jewelry and watch, which Martin claimed he had gotten from a friend he refused to name, matched a description of items stolen during the October 2011 burglary of a house on 204th Terrace, about a half-mile from the school.”

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