Like an Involuntary Burp

Thanks to the Gateway Pundit for the heads up on this clip from CBS This Morning.

In order to dismiss Iran’s repeated threats of “Death to America,” these folks at CBS are willing to pretend we’re all deeply stupid.

”As for the ayatollah’s ‘death to America’ comments, administration officials are suggesting those kinds of remarks are aimed at an Iranian domestic political audience. What matters, officials caution, is what they agree to at the bargaining table.”

So, they chanted “Death to America” sure, but it was “more habit than conviction.”

You know. Like an involuntary burp.

Or, the lady who can’t help snorting when she laughs.

Or, when somebody accidentally pees a little from coughing too much.

Like the Iranian version of Tourette Syndrome.

Or, like when someone says to you, “Have a great day!” and you reply, “You too!” when you really don’t mean it.

“Have a great day!”
“Death to America!!”

How stupid do they think we are?

Don’t answer that.

They think we are really, really stupid.

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