L’il Kim threatens to “nuke” Inauguration. CNN beside themselves with joy.

North Korea’s L’il Kim Jong Un is prepping to test-fire two ICBMs around the same time Donald Trump is inaugurated.

It’s being billed as his kooky attempt to “nuke” Donald Trump’s big day.

When CNN got word of this news, I’m sure they were popping the champagne.

Well, put the champagne away, CNN.

By “nuke,” they don’t mean literally.

Sorry, Wolf Blitzer. I’m sure that’s a real blow.

From the New York Post:

Military officials say the rogue state wants to send a “strategic message” to the incoming US President by timing launches to ruin his big day on Saturday (AEDT).
In a statement, South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said the reports could not be confirmed but said the military was monitoring the situation closely.
However, according to news reports in South Korea two missiles have already been placed on mobile launchers.

L’il Kim has been dramatically increasing his nuclear weapons program ever since he came to power.

Say, remember when Bill Clinton bragged that he stopped North Korea from developing nuclear weapons with that useless nuclear treaty back in 1995?

You may not know this. But one of Clinton’s team in cobbling together that worthless deal was Wendy Sherman.

Sherman’s latest “triumph” was working out the nuclear deal with Iran.

What does that tell you about Obama’s Iran deal?

Any old how.

The Post is reporting that North Korea always likes to indulge in a little saber rattling when a new President is inaugurated.

An ICBM test in the coming days is “highly plausible,” Andrei Lankov, a professor at Seoul’s Kookmin University, told CNN.
“Judging by earlier behavior they usually like to greet a newly elected American president with some kind of nice surprise like a nuclear (test) or missile launch,” he said.

At that point, the crestfallen CNN reporter interviewing Professor Lankov had to hang up the phone because he was sobbing uncontrollably.

“You mean they’re not really going to nuke Trump?!”

North Korea has been flexing its muscles for the last eight years with zero push-back from the Obama Administration.

Chubby L’il Kim himself has never faced a US President with a backbone before. After all, the guy came to power during the Obama Error.

Something tells me President Trump’s national security team will not simply take the Obama route of talking tough, but doing nothing.

And, much to CNN’s grave disappointment, President Trump will not be “humiliated” by this side show masquerading as a “show of strength.”

Though, I’d expect CNN to use the word “humiliated” to describe Donald Trump in their reporting should L’il Kim follow through with his threat.

L'il Kim

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