Linda Sarsour and the Left’s Dhimmi-splaining

Linda Sarsour

Terrorist-sympathizer and matinee idol of the duped Feminist movement Linda Sarsour is calling all American Muslims to jihad against the President.

And she’s not doing it from Iran. She is doing it right here in the United States.

Suddenly the same people who flew into hysterics over a wrestling meme are bending over backwards to excuse this snake’s call for jihad against the President.

We don’t understand the meaning of Jihad, you see.

And these compliant dhimmis have to explain it to us.

Or, let’s just call it Dhimmi-splaining.

Yes, honey. ISIS is also inspiring young people to pack up and fly to Iraq to take up Jihad.


Of course on-air “news” “talent” also did a little dhimmi-splaining.

Check out the juxtaposition of these two tweets from Sally Kohn:

Yes, see how Sally quickly denounces Sarsour’s call for Jihad against the President?


Instead, she offers her own dhimmi-splaining.

Yes, she is disguised to a degree. I agree with you there.

But I don’t know if I would call her a hypocrite.

Sarsour knows exactly what she’s doing.

This terrorist-sympathizing, Sharia-loving, jihad-advocating snake has the PC Left wrapped around her finger tighter than a hijab.

She knows they will provide her cover-fire with their naïve displays of dhimmi-splaining.

And while they dhimmi-splain their little hearts out, Linda Sarsour uses the go-to tactic of the politically correct Left.

She paints herself as the Victim.

Leftists eat that up with a spoon.

And what better way to get the gullible Left to further embrace you even while you call for jihad?

Cloak yourself in the mantle of Martin Luther King.

You gotta admit. She’s good.

Sarsour knows exactly how to play the Left.

And the rise of the conservative counterculture and its rejection of political correctness threatens her ability to further hoodwink the American people.

But despite this, Sarsour has plenty of useful idiots who trip all over themselves to be manipulated by her.

And let’s be honest. Sarsour’s ability to manipulate the Left is masterful.

That’s what makes it so insidious.

And it is exactly what jihadists hoped to do in the West.

Back in February, in my column No, the Left isn’t suffering from a pre-9/11 mentality, I wrote:

Pre-9/11 Americans had a false sense of security.
That’s not what’s happening now.
Not at all.
The Leftists believe that the way to defeat “radical extremists” is to show them that we are “tolerant” and “welcoming.”
After all, America’s arrogance, imperialism and greed caused the 9/11 attacks, not Muslim terrorists.
So if we grovel before these radicals and show them how accepting we are, they will not hurt us.
If we fling open our borders and let them flood in, we will prove to the terrorists that we are as peaceful and accepting as fluffy little lambs.
And the Islamists knew the American Left would respond just that way.
They knew this obsession with political correctness would be their gateway into this country.

Even Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the mastermind behind 9/11 – knew the importance of exploiting political correctness to carry out jihad against the West.

In an interview on “The Kelly File,” James Mitchell — the man who interrogated KSM — said this:

“Here’s the way political correctness works for a guy like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It allows them to operate in our midst without being challenged. It allows them to ratchet up the focus on sharia law without us pushing back on it. And we end up inadvertently imposing on ourselves the blasphemy laws of sharia, because we cut back on the things that they find offensive.”

And isn’t this exactly what Linda Sarsour is doing?

The Left didn’t just let the wolf through the gate.

They’re offering it sanctuary and rushing to make it their pet.

Even while the wolf bares its teeth and threatens jihad.

Honestly, Sarsour must laugh herself to sleep every night at how supremely gullible these Leftists are.

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2 thoughts on “Linda Sarsour and the Left’s Dhimmi-splaining

  • July 7, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Wasn’t she just arrested? If not, she should be and locked away for good. Add “Dr.” Marc Lamont Hill to the cell. Can’t stand that Marxist POS. I hated it every time he was a guest on Fox.

  • July 7, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    “Jihad” is about “the struggle” Mein Kampf is German for “my struggle”
    Just sayin’

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