Little Joey Sunshine

Little Joey Sunshine

Remember when they were telling us that once a vaccine was available we’ll have turned a corner? Well, according to Little Joey Sunshine, we have turned a corner. Only, we turned down a dark and dreary alley where danger lurks behind every dumpster.

Well, isn’t he a regular ray of sunshine.  So inspiring!

Odd, isn’t it?

All the way up to election day, Little Joey Sunshine was banging on about hope over fear and light over dark.

This is just from election day:

“Light” is no longer more powerful than “Dark” — especially when “Dark” helps you politically.

Little Joey Sunshine’s message has morphed from “Hope and Light” to “Dark! Fearful Dark! Super Duper Scary Dark! Dark that Never Ends!”

As Jesse Kelly has been saying all along, once politicians realized how much power they can amass by keeping us in a perpetual state of panic and fear, they will be loath to give it up.

Which is why despite running on “Hope,” Team Biden is going straight to peddling Darkness and Fear.

Biden’s handlers might be venal and corrupt, but they’re not stupid. “Never let a crisis go to waste” after all. The COVID pandemic has been a crisis ripe for exploitation.

And Team Biden is going to exploit the hell out it in order to keep chiseling away at your liberty by claiming we all must “do our part” and “sacrifice” for the good of the country in order to make it through this dark and fearful time together.

Heaven forbid you feel encouraged by the success of Operation Warp Speed and the availability of a vaccine. Perish the thought that Americans might be hopeful. If Wuhan Panic ends, so too does the Government’s control over us. And that is something Biden’s handlers will not permit.

As I said the other day, the Wuhan Pandemic has been the greatest gift to the Democrats. They don’t want the fear and panic to end. And they certainly don’t want you to feel hopeful.

So here comes Little Joey Sunshine to cast a pall over the Christmas season.

This isn’t about science. It isn’t about speaking “Truth.”

It’s all about ginning up panic and fear in order to maintain imperious control over our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Little Joey Sunshine

  • December 23, 2020 at 10:18 am

    Create the Problem, Stir in a big bowl of Fear with Propaganda, Throw in a handful of Unexplainable Scary Nuggets of Panic, Stir the Pot, Season as Needed, Preheat the Oven. Burn the first couple of Batches, and add more Panic with graphic Images and Eyewitness Testimonials. Wait 30 days for Fermentation. Then slowly add a Sprinkle of Hope for All to see. When everyone is absolutely subdued and begging for help, slowly provide a Solution, and a Free Train Ride to Safety… Somehow it all sound familiar to me. But, I’m probably mistaken.

    Merry Christmas Dianny, and Hopefully a Better, and Brighter New Year for All.

  • December 23, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    I shall no longer participate. My wife works for an independent living complex where the greatest generation, who scraped under impoverishment during FDR’s Depression (followed by fighting the Nazis and Japs the following decade) are scared out of their minds because there are a mere two Wuhan flu cases in the complex (population 200). By the way, two who are isolating, on meds, and are steadily recovering as I type this.

    So, the bastards in the MSM, and PedoJoe with his attempted steal have done their jobs well. Bravo, leftist scum. Scaring many decent folks into cowering, craven submission.

    Me, I will tune out. Not worth my time. It’s good to know the real Joe BiteMe, though; thanks for the reminder.

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