Liz Warren: the Mommy Dearest of 2020

Back in mid-January, Front Page Magazine columnist Daniel Greenfield hit the nail on the head when he described Liz Warren’s biggest problem.

It isn’t that she’s a woman.

Nor is it her embarrassing DNA test and decades of dishonesty over her supposed “Cherokee” lineage.

No, as Greenfield put it, Liz Warren’s biggest problem is she’s a scold.

She’s like the Mommy Dearest of Presidential candidates.

From Greenfield’s column:

Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton reborn, and they’re both unlikable, because they’re both inauthentic scolds who suffer from hall monitor syndrome. They spent their entire lives breaking every rule they could find while awkwardly fantasizing about running every tiny detail of everyone else’s lives.

I featured his column in a post back in January because, like all of Greenfield’s columns, it is a home run. You should definitely read the whole thing.

Liz wants to run your life because she truly believes that you are not capable of running it yourself.

She sees Americans as dumb, misbehaving children who must be ordered around 24/7. We incorrigible scamps will either behave as Mommy Dearest expects, or she will slap the living bejesus out of us.

Mommy Dearest Warren

As Greenfield put it:

Scolds are awkward and arrogant. They’ve spent a lifetime navigating the system, but never learned to fake plausible human emotions. They stay up nights afraid that somebody, somewhere is having fun. The only game they know is bureaucracy, and they play it to get the nicest office chairs and ruin the most people’s lives. In Colonial America, scolds burned witches. In modern times, they wipe out lives.

They are convinced that humanity’s problems could be solved by eliminating its bad habit of happiness.

Liz wants to lord over us while micromanaging every single aspect of our lives.

In that respect, she is much like the rest of the Democrat field.  Democrats as a general rule want Government to act as our parent.

Barack and Michelle Obama certainly did.  In fact, Michelle continues to use this metaphor of President as Parent to this day.

But Liz doesn’t see herself as a kindly parental figure who combines a firm hand with a giving heart.  Not at all. She wants to be President Mommy Dearest.

That’s why she has a “plan” for everything.  How you live, how you earn money, how much money you are permitted to earn, what kind of business you can have, and on and on. Your life, to the tiniest detail, is hers to control.

Freedom, Liberty, Individual Sovereign, Unalienable Rights — none of these things matter to Mommy Dearest. It’s her way or the highway.

If you do not behave, she will issue a curfew, take away your toys and send you to bed without supper.

And heaven forbid you defy her.

Liz Warren doesn’t have “plans;” she has dictates.  What she seeks is centralized control — as if, as Americans, we are living under her roof. And so long as we live under her roof, we will follow her dictates.

It isn’t a benevolent dictator Liz aspires to be, but a hectoring bully who demands you comply. And with Liz as President, there would be no escaping the heavy hand of Mommy Dearest.

Greenfield is right.

This is her biggest flaw.

Americans do not like being ordered around like hired servers at a wealthy heiress’ garden party.

We don’t like being nagged.

We don’t like being lectured and scolded by a controlling busybody with delusions of Joan Crawford.

On a related note:

This morning on Twitter, I stumbled across what is probably the best description of Mommy Dearest Warren ever.

After the press went ga-ga over a “Liz Warren lookalike” who shared the stage with the candidate in Minnesota, the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti tweeted this:

“The archetype of the cul-de-sac busybody.”

That is pure art.

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2 thoughts on “Liz Warren: the Mommy Dearest of 2020

  • August 22, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Liz Warren reminds me of this episode of The Simpsons where Marge went after the violence on Itchy and Scratchy. She annoyed the cartoonist so much that they drew her as an annoying squirrel shouting, “stop it the both of you!” before getting her head knocked off. Whenever I see Elizabeth Warren, I think of that squirrel.

  • August 22, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    Doesn’t Liz Warren have a salaried government job. Is it legal to campaign on the taxpayers dime? I think any employee of the government should not be paid while campaigning for any branch of government.

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