Liz Warren’s “Judgment”

Liz Warren’s “Judgment”

In the interests of full disclosure, I didn’t suffer through last night’s Democrat debate.  I’m already contending with a monster Lupus flare.  There was no need to torture myself further.  Instead I stayed on Twitter reading through the live-tweets of people who took the bullet for me.

And one of the tweets that came up on my feed was this one from Elizabeth Warren:

I’m surprised she didn’t include “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.”

“I’ve seen ‘Saving Private Ryan’ seventeen times.  So I know what it’s like!”

If it’s all about judgment, then what do her brothers’ military service have to do with it?.

Or visiting the troops?

“My judgment is aces.  I mean, look, I’ve worked with generals!”

Does Liz even know what the word “judgment” means?

Her sitting on the Armed Services Committing has more to do with Harry Reid’s judgment, doesn’t it? It isn’t like she made that call.

And there have to be better examples of Liz Warren’s “judgment” than “my brothers were in the military.”  Because, honestly, that says more about her brothers’ judgment than hers.

Liz brings up her brothers almost as much as John Kasich brought up his mailman father.

Truth is, I agree with Warren.  Judgment is important.

So let’s look at Liz Warren’s judgment, shall we?

How about making the conscious decision to pretend to be Native American in order to advance her career.  That’s a good example.

So is her decision to lie about her own personal history time and time again.

Then there’s bunglingly promoting a DNA test that proved she’s about as Native American as a Swede, featuring a video of this DNA test on her campaign website despite it being a flop, then quietly deleting the video when nobody is looking … all examples of Liz Warren’s “judgment.”

Leaking a story to her campaign’s PR Firm (AKA CNN) claiming Bernie told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency, then knifing Bernie in the back (with the help of the CNN moderator) during the debate is another example.

Her self-serving attack on Bernie Sanders is fracturing the Democrat base just weeks before the Iowa caucus.  That can only work to President Trump’s favor.  If Liz Warren really is this paragon of good judgment, she never would have done something so incredibly short-sighted and stupid.

Then again, “short-sighted and stupid” could be Liz Warren’s campaign slogan.

Boy.  Now that I put all that down, I can understand why Liz stuck with “my brothers were in the military” rather than actually providing examples of her judgment.

Because Liz Warren’s judgment, like her dancing skills, is nothing to brag about.

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2 thoughts on “Liz Warren’s “Judgment”

  • January 16, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    Judgment! Bah. stupidity, ineptness, ignorance and Liz is the darling of CNN. I painfully watched the debate, only to put me to sleep. Thank yo Democrats I slept good. Boring.

  • January 17, 2020 at 6:28 am

    “Short sighted and stupid” That is a great line!

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