The long knives are out for Gary Johnson

Uh-oh, spaghettio. What do you do when Gary Johnson is hurting Hillary’s chances of winning in November?

Why, you take him out, of course.

CNN, in their role as the official Satellite Office of the Clinton Campaign has decided it is time for Gary Johnson to simply go away.

A couple weeks ago, I pointed out that Liberal news sites were writing articles discouraging voters from going Third Party.

Apparently, voters didn’t get the message.

So CNN decided to take a more direct approach.

Take a look at what I found on the main page of CNN’s website:



Trust me. If Gary Johnson was taking votes away from Donald Trump, CNN wouldn’t be demanding he get out of the race.

Not at all. They’d be doing puff pieces about him and his strength as a spoiler candidate. We’d be subjected to news reports about how great it is that voters have an alternative to the unlikeable Donald Trump.

From CNN’s piece:

The gaffes, combined with his failure to make the debate stage and his infinitesimal chance of winning the White House, raise a pressing question: Why is Johnson still in the race?
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ribbed Johnson Thursday by pretending to struggle when she was asked to name a world leader she admired. But she made clear her view that she and her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, are the only viable candidates.
“Either Donald Trump or I will be the President of the United States,” she told reporters on her campaign plane, sending a clear warning to disaffected Democrats flirting with Johnson. “People have to look carefully in making their decision. It will be either him or me.”

These people are so damn transparent.

Do you think Hillary Clinton would be saying this if Gary Johnson were pulling support from Trump instead of her?

Of course not.

She’d be waxing philosophical about our democratic process and having candidates in the race who provide a voice for all Americans.

But these Third Party candidates are bleeding her of voters.

So this woman who prattles on endlessly about “our Democracy” wants to sandbag Gary Johnson because he’s getting in the way of her blind ambition.

And when a Clinton wants someone taken out, her sycophants at CNN are more than happy to oblige.

What Hillary and CNN fail to comprehend is the reason so many young voters are willing to bail on the Democrat Party and go for Johnson is because of the Democrat Party’s own despicable actions during the primaries.

They had the millennial vote locked up with Bernie Sanders. Sad, but true.

When WikiLeaks released the DNC emails showing a coordinated effort to take Sanders out in favor of the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua, the DNC lost the millennial vote.

You reap what you sow.

The DNC put Hillary’s vainglorious ambition ahead of electoral victory. They themselves undermined the primary process.

And now they’re demanding fealty from the very voters whom they screwed over.

Now, at the risk of sounding like I’m saying “I told you so,” anybody who knows these people could have told you a year ago that there was no way the DNC would permit Bernie Sanders to get the nomination.

Oh, wait. I did say that, didn’t I? Right after the first Democrat debate in October of 2015, I wrote:

But the Democrat Party’s financial backing comes from the very entities that Bernie Sanders wants to tax into oblivion. They are not going to let this guy anywhere near the nomination. They want a Democrat nominee who will happily play in their sandbox and let them happily gobble up corporate welfare from the Federal Government.
And that means Hillary Clinton.

The very next day, I wrote a post about a news report in the UK Daily Mail that exposed the rigging of the Democrat Primary to favor Hillary.

You would need to have been deeply naïve not to know the fix was in a year ago.

But the millennial voters who went all-in for Bernie were a tad naïve.

[Their naïveté should not be surprising. They supported Bernie after all.]

But it is equally naïve to think that Hillary and her surrogates can win them back by scuttling yet another candidate’s presidential hopes.

Team Clinton is playing with fire here.

If they succeed in taking out Johnson in the same way they took out Sanders, all they’ll manage to do is make these millennials angrier at the DNC than they already are.

Sure, taking out Johnson may prevent millennials from voting for the guy.

But pulling this kind of last-minute desperate smear campaign may push millennials into the waiting arms of Donald Trump.

Or, it will enrage them so much they don’t bother voting at all.

Either way, Hillary will still be screwed six ways from Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “The long knives are out for Gary Johnson

  • September 30, 2016 at 9:53 am

    The libertarians made a major mistake in nominating a pair of retread republican governors for their ticket. They had another candidate with coherent ideas and passed him over.

    Of course Johnson put “Climate Change” as his number one policy issue which told me everything I needed to know about him to not even look in his direction.

    That CNN would try to do Hillary’s heavy lifting is a given and almost not worth much more than a point and laugh response. Their ratings have tanked and they don’t even care.

    • September 30, 2016 at 9:55 am

      You’re missing the point. I’m not an advocate for Gary Johnson. That’s not the point of this post. The point should have been obvious. By trying to drag the millennials back to Hillary by destroying Johnson, they’ll probably only further drive them away from her.

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