Look out Trump Train Women: Here comes the Condescending Caboose Tour

Condescending Caboose Tour

First off, I officially apologize for that picture.

Looks like Lena Dunham is making good on her threat to hector fly-over country for having the nerve to support Donald Trump.

Back in February, in a post titled Lena Dunham thinks she’s more enlightened than you, I wrote that the condescending cow believed that women voters in red states needed to be reeducated by enlightened gals like Lena.

Feminist women must enlighten those female Gomers who committed the unpardonable sin of voting for Donald Trump.

Well, according to Breitbart, Lena plans to do just that.

So brace yourselves, kids. The Condescending Caboose Tour will be coming to a city near you.

“We really wanted to try to be a part of, in our own small way, healing the very big divide that exists in our country right now,” Dunham said in an interview Monday. “We’re trying to look beyond the coastal states and really think about connecting to women, to people, in the middle of the country.”

Oh, how noble of her!

Lena wants to reach out to women “in the middle of the country.”


The Condescending Caboose Tour is sticking to cities that went overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton last November.

They’ll be stopping in Des Moines, Iowa — which is located in Polk County. Polk is one of only two counties Hillary won in Iowa (with 52.4% of the vote).

Then the Condescending Caboose Tour will head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton won Milwaukee County with 66.4% of the vote.

And then they’ll tackle that hot-bed of Trump support, Chicago, Illinois — where Hillary won over 74% of the vote.

Next stop! St. Paul, Minnesota – the seat of Ramsey County. Hillary did horribly there – receiving only 65.7% of the vote.

And finally, the Condescending Caboose Tour will brave those murky waters of deep red Lexington, Kentucky where Hillary won 51.2% of the vote.

Wow. Lena really is doing her best to reach out to those gap-toothed yahoos who aren’t as enlightened as she is. Isn’t she?

Yeah. Right.

She isn’t diving into “middle America.” Instead, she’s simply island hopping from blue dot to blue dot before returning to the safety of her deep blue home.

So I guess that means that Lena’s vow to take her enlightened feminist view to those backwards Trump Train women is about as sincere as her vow to move to Canada.

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3 thoughts on “Look out Trump Train Women: Here comes the Condescending Caboose Tour

  • April 26, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Only in leftyland can an admitted incestuous child predator take on the mantle of a moral superior. We can only hope she will keep her clothes on during her smuglier-than-thou tour.

  • April 27, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Now there’s something I’ll never be able to unsee! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment

  • April 28, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    My eyes! My eyes! Please pass the brain bleach.

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