Looks like the Marlins are getting a new owner


Have you heard?

The Miami Marlins may be getting a new owner.

Former New York Yankee Derek Jeter and Low Energy Jeb Bush are close to a deal to purchase the National League ball team.

All they need is 1.3 billion dollars.


And we thought Jeb spend a butt-load on his failed presidential run.

From the New York Post:

While neither Jeter nor Bush is rich enough to pay the bulk of this deal out of his own pockets, optimism exists the two men can utilize their worldwide connections to land the necessary financing; the two recently aligned after originally being rivals in this sweepstakes. MLB would be thrilled to welcome Jeter to its fraternity, particularly in a struggling market like Miami whose ownership has been epically unpopular, and Jeb Bush’s brother, George W. Bush, enjoyed a very successful run as owner of the Texas Rangers before he went onto become the governor of Texas and then President of the United States.

Once again Jeb is trying to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Here’s hoping this bit of brotherly competition works out better for him than the whole becoming President thing.

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