Looks like Throuple Katie has bigger problems

Looks like Throuple Katie has bigger problems

This week disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill – she of the Throuple fame – gave not one, but two interviews on ABC.

Thursday, Good Morning America aired an interview Throuple Katie did with Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.  Then yesterday she turned up to talk with the bitter biddies on the View.

That’s a lot of publicity for a disgraced politician – especially one who doesn’t have a book to promote.

I found myself asking why?

Why this need to provide cover for Throuple Katie months after she left Congress in disgrace?

Like I said, it would be one thing if she was flogging a book.  But she isn’t. So what gives?

Then I saw a news report that seemed to explain Katie’s sudden need for a PR campaign

According to Ryan Grim from the Intercept, Arthur Dam who “is linked directly to the Hill campaign” was arrested by the FBI for hacking the 2018 Democrat Primary challengers of Throuple Katie.

Dam’s wife is Kelsey O’Hara, Hill’s fundraiser during the campaign and her district director after she won office. O’Hara was also the subject of a sexual remark made by Hill and caught on tape by Vice News in 2018. In Hill’s Federal Election Commission records, she lists a $500 in-kind contribution from Dam on March 25, 2018, for “graphic design and website security consultation.”

“Website security consultation” must be Throuple-speak for “Hack my opponents to improve my chances in the primary.”

Well, I got to wondering if perhaps Throuple Katie’s resignation from the House was prompted by more than her penchant for diddling the help.

Is it possible Katie knew there were far more damaging ethical problems with her and her campaign than simply banging staffers?

Why else would Nancy Pelosi herself instruct Hill to resign? I’m thinking they knew what was coming down the pike.

Could it be that Katie Hill is doing a PR tour in order to give herself cover in this criminal investigation?

When she was on the View yesterday, Katie claimed she resigned rather than put her staff through an “incredibly invasive” House ethics investigation.

A likely story.  Come on.  If she was concerned about her staff being subjected to anything “incredibly invasive,” she never would’ve slept with any of them to begin with.

Then she claimed “bi-phobia” is to blame for her tucking her tail between her legs and getting the hell out of Dodge before an ethics inquiry was conducted.

So either she’s accusing Nancy Pelosi of “bi-phobia,” or Throuple Katie is squirting ink into the water – getting out ahead of the news in order to frame the narrative her own way.

Hill must’ve been aware the FBI was on the case when she resigned.  The story broke in October 2018 that the FBI was investigating the hacking.  At the time, of course, the hacking was considered possible “foreign interference” from Russia or China or even Iran.

I’m sure Throuple Katie knew it was only a matter of time before the FBI got its head out of its ass and discovered that it wasn’t some Russian oligarch but one of her campaign people who was responsible.

And out of the blue, with no book to promote, Katie Hill is all over daytime TV making excuses — and it just so happens to be at the exact time someone in her campaign is arrested by the FBI for hacking her opponents?

Does anyone buy that coincidence?

I certainly don’t.

Lucky for Katie, she’s a Democrat. So none of these hacks in the news media who have been slobbering all over her for months will take a single moment to look into her possible connection to this crime.

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3 thoughts on “Looks like Throuple Katie has bigger problems

  • February 22, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Katie is packing on the pounds. Hahahahahahaha poundmetoo.

    • February 22, 2020 at 2:25 pm

      She’s eating for three.

  • February 24, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    Her bi-capades were the only thing I cared for about her. Other than that she was just another POS democrat. Tell us more about what went on please 😀

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