Loony Loony Hillary

Remember Loony Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies?

Her father published the Wizarding world’s version of The National Enquirer called “The Quibbler.”

Well, Loony Luna used to go around wearing these crazy glasses that helped her to see “Nargles.”

Nobody knew what Nargles were. In fact, Nargles didn’t exist.

But Loony Lovegood would wear those glasses on the outside chance that she might spot the mythical Nargle.

Hillary has her own crazy glasses. These race-colored glasses allow her to see racism in the most mundane and ordinary place.

Loony Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s powerful paranoid speech about race had CNN proclaiming that this was the Hillary “Democrats have been waiting for.”

You see, in 2008 the Enslaved Press declared the election changed when Barack Obama gave his famous instantly forgettable speech about race in which he called his grandmother “a typical white person.”

Back then, the Enslaved Press pulled a hamstring trying to convince us that this speech, (that, aside from the line about his grandmother nobody remembers) will be one for the history books.

Hillary was hoping that her lame-brained, conspiracy-riddled flight of fancy in Nevada yesterday would be her “typical white person” moment.

There are just a few significant problems with this.

Donald Trump is not a racist. Breitbart isn’t one post away from becoming the Völkischer Beobachter. And Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is more like Obama’s grandmother.

By labeling everyone who supports Donald Trump with the much overused smear of “racist,” Hillary is facing a kind of blowback nobody in the Clinton Campaign had anticipated.

Here’s what she hadn’t counted on.

Donald Trump isn’t your typical cowering, appeasing, quisling Republican.

Trump isn’t going to trip all over himself to apologize. He isn’t going to get all defensive and bow and scrape while Hillary points and shrieks, “See?! I told you so! Why else would he be back-peddling!”

In fact, Trump is going on the offensive.

Democrats aren’t used to a Republican who doesn’t collapse like a soufflé when they deploy the race card.

With this speech, Hillary has done nothing to widen her appeal.

All she’s done is preach to the choir — stoking racial division among those paranoid conspiracy kooks who already believe that every American citizen who wants our borders secure and the nation protected is a closet Klansman.

And she already had their mindless vote.

If anything, Loony Hillary’s over-the-top accusations will hurt her among those undecided who are already having a tough time getting past her endless scandals and corruption.

Voting for a corrupt, greedy politician is hard enough.

But voting for a corrupt, greedy, whack-job is even harder.

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2 thoughts on “Loony Loony Hillary

  • August 27, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Michelle called. Wants her glasses back.

  • September 13, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    So it turns out she can see deplorables with or without the glasses.

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