Loretta Lynch: Islamophile


Radical Islamic terrorists attack here in the US and United States Attorney General has vowed to do everything within her power, not to protect the American people from another attack, but to protect Muslims against “anti-Muslim speech.”

Are you kidding me?

Terrorists succeeded in launching an attack on Americans and the top law enforcement official in the United States of America is more concerned with “hate speech” than she is with the safety of the American people?

Madame Holderette told a gathering of Muslims that her “greatest fear” isn’t a terrorist attack against Americans, but hate speech that might lead to violence against Muslims.

This would be like a police captain telling a rape victim that he sure hopes she recovers from her sexual assault, but his top priority will be to do everything he can to protect her rapist from any mean words hurled at him as a result of his raping her.

Dear God. I’m utterly speechless.

So, can we count on the Department of Justice to root out any and all terrorist threats within our country?

Apparently not.

But we can count on them to police and prosecute any speech against Muslims.

This is why the terrorists have no fear of attacking us, you guys.

They’re counting on the Obama Administration to tie the hands of law enforcement and lay down cover fire to protect the perpetrators of terror.

All in the name of Social Justice.

Is it any wonder Mr. and Mrs. Allahu Akbar’s neighbors were afraid to call the authorities?

When the top law enforcement official in the country is hell bent on rooting out speech against Muslims, why would anybody risk being harassed by authorities simply for reporting suspicious activity if that suspicious activity is being done by Muslims?

Terrorists use our own system against us. They use Western tolerance, our open and free society, and most of all, the hyper-politically correct Obama Administration and it’s almost fetishist fixation on Islam.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters once referred to this as “Islamophilia.”

It’s like pedophilia, but with Muslims.

Clearly every single person in the Obama Administration is an Islamophile.

Who here is surprised that Loretta Lynch is more than happy to give them a hand?


These people are going to get a lot of Americans killed. Sacrificed on the altar of Islamophilia.

Hat tip The Right Scoop.

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2 thoughts on “Loretta Lynch: Islamophile

  • December 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    You had better be prepared to protect yourself. The Obama administration is siding with the Muslims. And when all hell breaks loose the cops will get there in time to identify your body. Stay armed and stay out of “Gun Free” zones.

  • December 4, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    Hey is that Valerie? Valerie Jarret? Hey Val, what you doing out there girl? Running with the big dogs? You are the biggest dog of them all.

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