The louder they scream, the better the choice


Nothing says Trump picked the right person for the job quite like the hyper-dramatic, over-the-top reaction from the Left. Truth is, the louder they scream, the better the choice.

The screaming started with Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist.

Good gracious how they howled over him.

And now, with the selection of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, the Left is apoplectic.

The same Enslaved Press who admitted they misread the election by letting their own biases get in the way are misreading Trump’s cabinet appointments by letting their biases get in the way.

They never learn.

These dinks are bound and determined to smear everybody Trump selects.

No surprises there.

The objective is the same regardless of who the Republican President is: Paint the administration as extremist and frightening.

Yes, my friends, Ana Navarro is what passes for a “Republican strategist” on CNN.

I hate to break it to the hapless Jeb-lover Ana Navarro, but if Jeb Bush won the White House (stop laughing!), the Enslaved Press would have treated his cabinet picks the exact same way.

I’ve decided to take the optimistic approach to all this caterwauling.

If they scream, I applaud.

As Ted Cruz was fond of saying, if you’re getting flak, you know you’re over the target.

Personally, I would have preferred Jeff Sessions for the head of DHS because I know he would have enforced immigration laws.

But Attorney General is fine with me.

The Left isn’t angry because Sessions will show bias; they’re angry because he won’t.

The Department of Justice has become so deeply politicized by Obama, it no longer operates under the notion of “equal justice before the law.”

Sessions will do that.

And that’s why they’re screaming.

Fellow conservative writer, Jeannie DeAngelis tweeted this out a little white ago.

It’s genius.


So far the people Trump has selected are impressive – not just Jeff Sessions, but also General Flynn as National Security Advisor and Mike Pompeo as CIA chief.

These men will put the safety and security of the American people above all else.

Which is exactly why the Left is screaming.

But let them scream. Let them howl and rend their garments in horror.

These parasites on the Left were never going to go quietly.

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