Madonna did some good and she totally didn’t mean to

Yesterday, Fox & Friends played host to Andre Soriano — the designer of Joy Villa’s infamous “Make America Great Again” gown from Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

When asked what inspired him to create this gown, Soriano cited Madonna.

“I heard that somebody wanted to bomb the White House, and then I saw the Women’s March,” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Joy, we have to make a statement on what is right for our country.’”

How about that?

So, Joy Villa’s wildly talked about MAGA gown was all thanks to Madonna.

There’s something deliciously Schadenfrauderrific about that, wouldn’t you say?

“We need to move this country forward,” Soriano explained. “And we believe it’s time to promote love. We have a president now who is going to do the best thing for planet America.”

Well, Madonna did shriek “I choose love” at the Women’s March, didn’t she?

Of course, she shrieked that after kvetching that she wanted to blow up the White House.

But still.

Madonna should take a bow.

She did some good for the country. True, not in the way she wanted. And I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to happen quite like this.

But clearly she inspired two people to stand up for President Trump and for the country.

So be proud, Madonna.

I know it’s not exactly what you meant to do, but you deserve props.

Thanks to you and your hateful rhetoric at the Women’s March, you not only inspired Andre Soriano, you helped catapult an unknown young singer to the top of the charts.

And as an added bonus, you enabled Joy and Andre to steal the focus away from all the Trump hating celebrities who hoped to make a big splash at the Grammys by being just as hateful and nasty as you.

It’s a win/win!

You can watch the entire interview HERE.

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