Magnum Life-Size Fraud Prophylactics

Yes it’s true. Being reckless has it’s price. And that’s where Trojan Magnum Life-Size Fraud Prophylactics come in.

Always inserting yourself into the latest overly hyped news story?

Not always sure the story is true?

Well, rest easy.

Even when you don’t know where it’s going, or even where it’s been, Magnum Life-Size Fraud Prophylactics can protect you from any blowback that may occur when the latest viral story gets debunked.

Are you prone to blunder into a local law enforcement issue, say in Cambridge, Massachusetts? Do you make over-the-top proclamations before you know all the details?

Magnum Life-Size can help protect you from unintended consequences.

Think you found the perfect news item to advance your ideological agenda only to discover too late that you stuck your nose in a hornet’s nest?

Are you facing a collapsing narrative that’s about to blow up in your face like a homemade fake clock?

You need Magnum Life-Size Fraud Prophylactics.

Be prepared.

Get Covered.

Obama Lifesize Condoms

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  • September 19, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    A great poster. That’s exactly were a Richard head belongs.

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