Mainstream News Outlets Body-Slam the Truth

mainstream news outlets

There is still real journalism going on in America.

You wouldn’t know this if all you watched or read came from mainstream news outlets.

Circa News has been relentlessly covering the surveillance, unmasking of American citizens and flagrant violations of the Fourth Amendment perpetrated by the Obama Administration.

Yet this news is being ignored by mainstream news outlets.

On Wednesday, Circa News reported that Obama’s NSA had been secretly conducting illegal searches on Americans for years. This pattern of Fourth Amendment abuses didn’t start with the 2016 election and it didn’t end after Trump won.

But have you heard about this from CNN or the Washington Post?

Of course not. Mainstream news outlets dropped the Obama surveillance scandal the moment they declared it “debunked.”

And who debunked it?

Well, the mainstream news outlets did after refusing to investigate it.

And here’s another story that just broke at Circa News that I’m sure those Guardians of the Truth will conveniently ignore as well.

Circa reported that declassified memos show that the FBI illegally shared data on American citizens with private parties.

Sara Carter and John Solomon were on Hannity last night and briefly discussed their latest explosive story.

Is this not newsworthy?

Do these self-appointed Guardians of the Truth care?

Of course they don’t.

In fact, I just did a search on CNN’s website for both “Sara Carter” and “Circa News.” And guess how many results I got?


Now, imagine if it was the Trump administration accused of these abuses.

You and I both know CNN would be running this story 24/7.

They’d be demanding Trump not only be impeached, but also thrown in prison.

Chris Cuomo would suddenly discover the existence of the Fourth Amendment.

Brooke Baldwin would cry.

And Anderson Cooper would proclaim that President Trump just took a dump on the Constitution.

But since it’s Barack Obama, these sanctimonious cranks can’t be bothered to report on it.

These mainstream news outlets body-slammed the Truth in their never-ending mission to take out President Trump.

And as a result, they’re ignoring anything that won’t forward their anti-Trump agenda.

They won’t report on the Awan brothers hoodwinking Congressional Democrats into giving them an all-access pass to their computer data.

Nor did they report on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s attempts to obstruct justice in that investigation.

But it isn’t just CNN.

The Washington Post hasn’t picked up any of the explosive investigative reports Circa News has been doing these last several months.

Their zeal to protect Barack Obama and the Democrat Party is only dwarfed by their zeal to destroy Donald Trump.

Is it any wonder that 65% of Americans believe the mainstream news outlets are Fake News?

“Democracy dies in Darkness.”

So says the Washington Post.

But what they fail to admit is they are the ones who are snuffing out the light.

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3 thoughts on “Mainstream News Outlets Body-Slam the Truth

  • May 26, 2017 at 10:39 am

    The new thing for CNN and everybody to cry about is how “ruffian” Donald Trump pushed his way past NATO members to be front and center of the group. I can’t go 2 posts on social media without seeing everybody cry about how Trump pushed aside the prime minister of Montenegro.

    Watch the video because Trump says something as he is coming through, the PM smiles and puts his hand on Trump’s back, no big deal. Most likely a playful event. How many 1000’s of times a day do friends do this to each other at work, school, home, play. My kids will do that to me taking them to get ice cream at the ice cream store. The PM is smiling, he does not have the “WTF” look on his face that one would expect if he was being pushed aside like a 2nd class citizen.

    Obama had no problem giving Hillary the middle finger during the 2008 election under the guise of scratching his nose. MSM had no problem with his 8th grade antics. Trump has a little fun and all of a sudden it’s a huge issue.

  • May 26, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Only once in my lifetime do I remember Potomac Pravda being honest. Reagan gave a speech about the troubles in Central America and the Post decided to take a telephone poll to show how people were against his policies. The first question was, “Did you watch the President’s speech?” Only if you answered “yes” did the Post continue with the poll. The results were staggering, so much so, that editor Ben Bradlee, the master at using freedom of the press for political purposes (blushes — he had to return a Pulitzer Prize when the Woodward/Cooke story about the child heroin addict was shown to be bogus), had to print a front page apology to Reagan because the results of the survey showed that most who were polled thought Reagan’s speech on Central America was something to do about troubles in Illinois or Nebraska (central America) and not about troubles in El Salvador or Nicaragua (Central America).

  • May 26, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    This crap will continue.
    Just be glad we hold the reins and not these big babies.
    Anderson Cooper and his condemnatory slits for eyes, Mr. “I need a boyfriend this NYE” …talking about taking a dump on national TV. What an absolute disgrace.
    Edward R. Murrow he’s not.

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