Making friends across the pond

Making friends across the pond

While we’ve been focused on the 2016 election here at home, Barack Obama was across the pond making friends and winning people over.


No, actually he wasn’t.

Barack Obama was across the pond pissing people off.

Looks like the romance is over.

Anybody else remember how in love Europe was with Barack Obama back in 2008? I have family in Germany, and before the 2008 election, my sister’s husband emailed my parents to try and convince them to vote for Barack Obama. Oh, how they loved him. He was going to change the world.

My parents response was a flat-out NO WAY.

Now the worm has turned.

Problem is, when a US President is more concerned about not offending Muslims than he is protecting and supporting our allies, the chances of these allies still having warm fuzzies over the guy is pretty slim.

Britain, like the rest of the EU is paying the price of a feckless and timid American President. And because the EU has created a mess, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the Brits want out. The Brexit movement has picked up steam and Britain will vote on whether or not to remain in the EU.

Well, we all know now how Barack feels. He expects Britain to stay on that sinking ship … or else.

For years we’ve been calling Barack the Lecturer-in-Chief. I like to call him the Scolder-in-Chief. In fact, I have an entire chapter in my second volume of columns, RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama called “The Scolder-in-Chief.” I’m also partial to calling him Mr. Opinions — a sort of unwelcome Dear Abby for the world.

Dear Obabby

Obama feels the need to weigh in on every subject under the sun — from concussions in football to laws individual states pass to the Cambridge Police Department to gay Boy Scout leaders — you name it, he has an opinion. And he’ll share opinion whether he’s asked or not.

And now Mr. Opinions is taking his lecturing across the pond.

While in England, Obama penned (or somebody penned for him) an opinion piece in the Telegraph urging Britain to abandon the Brexit movement and vote to remain in the EU.

They actually titled this editorial: “As your friend, let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater.”

With friends like these…

Obama also issued a veiled threat to Britain, saying if they choose to leave the European Union, they would go the back of the line in any and all trade deals the US makes with Europe.

Once Brits got a peek at the real Barack Obama — the guy who couches his demands under the guise of helpful, friendly advice — they just weren’t that into him anymore.

We’ve known for years now that national sovereignty means nothing to Barack. Hell, US Sovereignty means nothing to Barack. It’s why he does nothing to prevent the flow of illegal aliens over our border. It’s why he has no problem with Saudi Arabia’s involvement in constructing Mosques within the US. It’s why he defers to the United Nations while refusing to listen to our elected representatives.

We Americans aren’t in the least bit surprised that Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate British sovereignty either.

in Britain, the hashtag #FuckOffObama began trending on Twitter. Hey, nobody said the Brits were subtle.

I felt his pain.

His response:

Barack Obama: Uniting the World in their distaste for him.

When Benjamin Netanyahu came and spoke to a joint session of Congress in March of 2015 to make Israel’s case against the Iranian Nuclear Deal, Obama was enraged that he would make an appeal to Congress on behalf of his country. So furious was he with Netanyahu being a buttinsky, Obama refused to attend the speech or even meet privately with Bibi.

Oh, well. Obama never expects to be held the same standard to which he holds others.

The difference, of course, is that Israel has far more to lose with a nuclear Iran than the US does. Israel has a far greater threat from Iran’s funding of terrorism than the US does. And the US entering into a deal with Iran would place our ally Israel in grave danger. Netanyahu had every right to come to the US and argue Israel’s case. He didn’t come to lecture the American people, but to explain — point by point — the danger this deal would pose for his own nation.

Obama’s purpose in Britain had nothing to do with the safety of the American people. He was not trying to make the case for America and our sovereignty and security. He was telling the Brits that they better vote the way he wants.

Keep in mind, in 2009 when Obama went to Europe on what we now call “The Apology Tour,” he told a French audience that America is often “dismissive,” “derisive,” and “arrogant.”

But what was Obama this past week when he waded into an internal debate among Brits and made demands, but dismissive, derisive and arrogant?

He treats all of our allies that way, doesn’t he?

It’s why operatives from his Organizing for Action flew to Israel before the elections last year to campaign for Netanyahu’s opponent.

And it’s why he’s threatening Britain if they act in their own interests and vote to leave the EU.

The truth is, Obama shows more deference to the Saudis than he does to the British people — or any of our Western allies for that matter.

But as “FordySpurs” reminded me in our Twitter conversation yesterday, at least we don’t have to put up with this prat for much longer.

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  • April 24, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Finally a hashtag I can get into #FUCKOFFOBAMA!YOUSISSYLILTWIT Yeah, yeah I know. PPffhtt! I don’t care! It really is that bad. But, there is a silver lining to our problem. Finally the rest of the world is starting to see, and understand our plight for all these years (7+) and they are pulling thier socialistic collective heads out of thier arses. Does that mean that we Americans might do the same in 10-20 years. Lil Barry’s slip is showing.

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