Man of action trumps man of words

Despite rushing to the cameras last Thursday before the bodies were even cold, Barack Obama failed in his attempt to hijack and frame the narrative surrounding the shooting in Oregon.

Trust me, he wanted to control the narrative. He wanted to be able to utilize the deaths of nine people at Umpqua Community College to advance his agenda.

Why do you think he didn’t hesitate? Why do you think he didn’t “wait until all the facts were in?”

The Obama White House believed that getting out in front of this tragic event would mean they and only they would control the narrative.

But Obama failed.

And there’s one reason for that.

Chris Mintz.

Man of action trumps man of words

Mintz, the 10-year Army veteran, rather than run and hide or cower in a corner, charged at the shooter, trying to block him from entering the room. The gunman shot Chris seven times, but he survived.

It is his name and face that people are remembering. It is his story that people are seeing on the news, reading in the papers, writing about on Facebook and Twitter.

Chris Mintz, through his heroic actions, prevented Obama from successfully hijacking this tragedy for his own purposes.

The truth is, Americans like heroes. We celebrate them whenever we have the opportunity. Whether its firemen in NYC rushing into the burning World Trade Center, the men who ran toward the sound of the explosions in Boston, the three Americans who tackled the jihadists on a French train. Americans love heroes. We honor men and women who lay aside their own safety to protect and defend others.

Chris Mintz is a hero. And it is his story that we remember and celebrate.

Not the sick and murderous monster, but the hero who tried to stop him.

The GoFundMe page set up to help him pay for his surgeries has garners over seven hundred thousand dollars in contributions in two days.

We Americans celebrate and honor men like Chris for a reason.

While Obama sought to use this violent incident to advance his agenda and politicize the deaths of nine people, Chris Mintz reminds us that out of tragedy can come great things. We see men and women fearlessly stand up to evil and it inspires us. It gives us hope — hope for mankind, hope that there is still goodness and strength in this world.

Obama needed us focused on the monster. He needed our minds set on the problem.

But Chris Mintz reminds us that the solution to the problem is not to surrender our own defense, but stand up against evil and fight back.

His heroism and bravery fly in the face of Obama’s opportunistic politicizing. It shines a bright light on the pettiness and selfishness of our President.

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