March of the Narcissists

March of the Narcissists

The Democrats’ election strategy hinges on a bunch of spoiled, entitled narcissists who are indulging in performative drama while irritating the hell out of normal Americans.

Yeah, I don’t think the Democrats thought this through.

These so-called “peaceful protests” aren’t made up of people who genuinely seek “justice.”  And they sure as hell aren’t populated by people who think “black lives matter.”

Nobody and nothing matter to these narcissists — except their whims, demands and feelz.

Democrats are leaving their electoral prospects in the grabby hands of a bunch of self-absorbed, self-important, navel-gazing children each of whom believes the universe revolves around him/her/xir.

Yesterday I wrote about the angry sorority girls – those Victims of Privilege who foolishly thought their lawless behavior was exempt from police attention.

But it isn’t just the angry sorority girls who make up this March of the Narcissists.

Every single one of these idiots who are blocking the street, shrieking at police and demanding the entire country bend to his will is a narcissist.

Yesterday on Twitter, one of these entitled narcissists wrote a ranting thread because a woman driver tried to get away from her and her fellow army of snotty children who were blocking the road in Georgetown.  And when the driver did not obey their “demands,” this idiot jumped on the hood of her car to stop her.

And what got this fool’s knickers in a twist?

The police did not arrest the woman driver she and her fellow narcissists attempted to illegally detain.

March of the Narcissists Derek Hunter tweet

So how did she and her fellow narcissists respond?

By doxing the driver on social media in hopes that some of her fellow self-important, spoiled, entitled creeps will terrorize her further.

And yes, my friends, this ugly, awful creature believes she’s on the side of Right.

She also believes she is above the law – that no behavior, no matter how illegal, is off the table.  And in that, she is not alone.  All of these entitled pukes believe they can act any way they want with impunity.

This moron closes her “Here is my account of my illegal behavior” thread with this truly on-the-nose sentence:  “Goodnight I need to self care.”


Harass and terrorize a woman then dox her, and you’re the one in need of “self care.”

I mean, look up narcissistic sociopath in the dictionary and this moron’s clueless mug appears.

On the one hand they shriek all cops are bastards, and on the other they cry like babies because the cops don’t act like bastards and arrest the driver they illegally detained. She should thank her lucky stars the cops didn’t arrest her.

When you are a narcissist your wants, your needs, your demands are the only ones that matter.  And because the world doesn’t actually revolve around you, it is inevitable that when your wants, needs, or demands are not catered to, you wrap yourself in Victimhood and cry about how unfair it all is.

They’re self-absorbed children.

Yet these narcissists are the people the Democrat Party has glommed onto in hopes their childish tantrums and self-aggrandizing narcissism will drive voters into the gropin’ arms of Joe Biden.

I don’t think it’s going to work.  And much like those whose cars get blocked by these narcissistic children, I’m thinking voters will plow right over the Narcissistic Tantrum Brigade on their way to vote for Trump.

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5 thoughts on “March of the Narcissists

  • July 27, 2020 at 11:55 am

    I think the Democrats have just given up and realize that Trump is going to win this election. Hopefully they’ll reform into something sane and electable as a party, but as you said being ignorant and arrogant is no way to go through life.

  • July 27, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Referring to these deranged creatures as ‘pukes’ is a gratuitous insult to vomitus. I can’t believe there are more than maybe 30,000 of these pukes out of our 325,000,000 people. But, they attract cameras like crap attracts flies. An apt simile, that! Whoever handles their “press” is doing a great job.
    Keep it up until November 3rd. Please keep it up. Share your outrage.

  • July 27, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    As the recent example in Austin shows, not all drivers are going to allow themselves to be intimidated by these so-called “protesters”. A person is no match for a car, especially if the driver is carrying. While the learning curve may be slow, I feel they can all be taught the difference between being a protester and a speed bump.

  • July 28, 2020 at 1:15 am

    Reading your column — and the comments — were close to home! Before going into the vehicle v protester aspect…

    Just today, Biden (Da faux presidential candidate) just clearly sided with the mobs in this sad revisit to the ’60s.

    “Yeah, I don’t think the Democrats thought this through.” You nailed it.

    Okay, back to being a ‘protester and a speed bump.’ (Fist bump to commenter Irate Nate.) Into our coastal-blue-Dem-elitist-no-growth-water-restricted-college-centric community came an organized anti-racism protest. The BLACK (nothing wrong with that, just the caps lock key stuck) young woman’s physical appearance is a casting director’s perfect fit for the role: tall, attractive, leadership gifts, able to control a crowd, and apparently has the ability to not resist police officers if arrested. Which she was — arrested — allegedly for leading the crowd of protesters onto and shutting down a major four-lane freeway.

    The local DA is requesting “patiences” from the citizens of our coastal region regarding the determination of charges, if any, against the local activist, Ms. Tianna Arata.

    The spectacular major four-lane freeway event was interrupted by a WHITE (darn caps lock) driver with a car-seated child allegedly pushing through the effective human road block of anti-racism protesters. According to reports, there were several daring actions; regrettably one injury to a person that ended up on the vehicle and one incident of property damage to the vehicle as it departed.


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