Marcomentum loses battery life and other thoughts on New Hampshire

What’s all this homework you have to do?

Just stuff for the paper.

What? Why?

Because Paris wants the first issue back to be a double
issue, so we have to prep over break and she says the news
never sleeps.

What about Paris, does she ever sleep?

I think she periodically makes a whirring noise and then
just shuts down.

(From the Gilmore Girls, “The Bracebridge Dinner”)

The thing I found most peculiar heading out of the Iowa Caucus was how the guy who actually won Iowa (with a record number of votes) wasn’t the story. [Unless you count the Enslaved Press giving Donald Trump’s ludicrous accusation that Cruz committed “fraud” any airtime.] But other than that, the story out of Iowa was Marco! Marco! Marco!

Apparently the exclamation point that never seemed at home after Jeb’s name found a new place to hang it’s hat.

Marco came in third and that meant he had “Marcomentum!!!” How can gaining the single most votes of any Iowa winner in history compare to that?

From the way these morons were carrying on, you would have thought Marco Rubio had a real chance of snatching victory from Donald Trump and walking away the clear winner in New Hampshire.

Have they ever been to New Hampshire?!

Say what you want about Marco Rubio, but he is way too conservative for New Hampshire.

A few weeks ago, I said that Kasich had far more chance in New Hampshire than people were assuming. But then again, I’m not a political pundit. I’m just a regular gal who drinks instant coffee and eats at my coffee table because I don’t have a dining room since I turned my dining room into my screen printing shop. What do I know?

But the pundits actually thought that Marco, if he didn’t manage to beat Trump, would handily come in second.

At this writing, Marco is in fifth place behind Jeb Bush.

And that exclamation point is looking for a new home.

Debates are helpful to be sure, but I don’t think Rubio’s supposed “robotic” answers at the debate are what sent him plummeting. Rather, I think his supposed “rise” was a mirage — mostly hype on the part of those pundits and members of the Enslaved Press who desperately wanted to prevent Ted Cruz from gaining any bounce from his historic win in Iowa.

It’s like all the hype behind New Coke back in the 1980s. The hype didn’t come from people who actually drank that syrupy swill. It came from the marketing firm trying to push that syrupy swill on the soda-drinking public.

Now, don’t mistake me for being anti-Marco. I’m not anti-Marco. In fact, I like Marco Rubio a hell of a lot better than some of the chuckleheads in this race. But this drumbeat for Marco going into New Hampshire wasn’t coming from the grassroots up, but from the pundit class only.

New Hampshire is a very Liberal state. Think of it this way. In New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte is what passes for a Tea Party Conservative.

‘Nuff said.

Kelly Ayotte would be a Democrat if she were from Texas. But in New Hampshire, she’s a Tea Party Conservative. By comparison, Marco is to the right of Barry Goldwater.

Unless Donald Trump actually followed through on his claim and pulled out a Kalashnikov and began gunning down his supporters at one of his Nuremberg-style rallies, he was going to win last night. And, to be fair, I have no definitive proof that killing his supporters would have changed that. It’s only conjecture on my part.

As I said. New Hampshire is a Northeast Liberal state. And Trump is a Northeast Liberal guy. He’s Mitt Romney with a less refined vocabulary, no humility and a tackier taste in fineries. In other words, he’s Mitt Romney if Mitt Romney had body-swapped with Al Bundy.

Speaking of Trump. This tweet from last night is hilarious.

Any old how.

Kasich campaigned in New Hampshire the way most Iowa Caucus winners campaign in Iowa: county by county. He tried to hit every single part of the state. I more than expected him to come in second.

After all, New Hampshire is a Liberal State. Kasich believed that by telling New Hampshire voters that he was a good compromise between Hillary and Bernie would be a strong selling point. He’s right. For New Hampshire voters, a Republican who’s a good compromise between Hillary and Bernie is a selling point. Which may explain why Trump started citing his similarities to Bernie Sanders while rallying in New Hampshire. He sure as hell wasn’t going to bother with that silly Bible stuff, now was he?

What really shocks me is that Ted Cruz came in third.

I mean, I’m floored over that because, well, New Hampshire is a Liberal state. And Ted Cruz is actually a solid, principled conservative. Unlike Kasich and Trump, Cruz didn’t try and find a common ground with the likes of Bernie Sanders. Yet he still came in third. Unlike Bush who spent thirty-five million dollars on New Hampshire, Cruz spent about five hundred and eighty thousand. And still he came in third.

Now, to be fair, at this writing, only 79.8% of precincts are reporting in and Bush is only a little over thirteen hundred votes behind Cruz, so that may change. But still. To be honest with you, I didn’t think Cruz would do better than fifth place because, well, New Hampshire is a Liberal State.

Any state that would give a crackpot, loudmouth socialist like Bernie Sanders over a hundred and thirty thousand votes isn’t likely to want to vote for a solid conservative like Cruz. So how in the name of sweet fancy Moses did Cruz come in third?! I have to tell you, that is just shocking to me.

Getting back to Saturday’s debate. I think if anybody was damaged by that exchange between Marco and Chris Christie, it was Chris Christie. Christie is nearly as Liberal as Kasich. In fact, in some ways he is more Liberal than Kasich. Plus, he’s a loudmouth from way back. How he managed to come in sixth place behind Marco is a real head-scratcher.

Then again, maybe like Highlander, there can be only one RINO governor. And for Liberal New Hampshire, that RINO governor was Kasich.

Reports are that Christie is heading to New Jersey to “reevaluate.” Now, I don’t know if that’s code for “get a change of clothes” or if that means he’s actually going to decide to end his floundering campaign. Only time will tell. But if you want to get the straight story on whether Christie is preparing to leave the race, I would advise you not follow CNN’s reporting on that.

Carly Fiorina can’t seem to get any traction from either a staunchly Conservative state like Iowa or a decidedly Liberal state like New Hampshire. I take that as a big old red flag that it is time she, like Chris Christie, set aside ego and drop out of the race.

Ben Carson came in eight out of nine. Again, not at all surprising to me. New Hampshire is a Liberal state (have I mentioned that?). Carson is not a Liberal guy. And if the two winners from last night are any indication, a soft-spoken, reasoned, intelligent man like Carson didn’t have a chance in hell.

Carson probably won’t drop out after last night’s loss. Not because he’s an arrogant jerk, but because he never expected New Hampshire to be a good fit for him. Rather, he is hoping to have a solid showing in South Carolina. So he’s not going anywhere until after February 20th. If he isn’t able to make it to the top three of South Carolina, I expect him to drop out of the race. I will be frankly shocked if he drops out sooner.

Now, about Jeb.

For whatever reason, Jeb Bush will not leave this race no matter how embarrassing his campaign has become. I don’t get it. I really don’t. The big money people who are propping him up were looking to abandon him like rats from a sinking ship if Marco placed very strong in New Hampshire. But that didn’t happen. I can’t see them abandoning him for Kasich because I think they have enough common sense to know that the only reason Kasich came in second is because A) Kasich spent all his time there and B) New Hampshire is a Liberal state. So, for now, they are sticking with Jeb. And as long as the big-money donors are sticking with him, Jeb will continue fighting like the Black Knight from Monty Python.

Jeb Bush fights on-02

As I said after Iowa, we’re just at the beginning of this race. A hell of a lot can happen between now and Super Tuesday. What holds after New Hampshire is what I’ve been pointing out all along. 65% of Republican primary voters do not support Donald Trump. That is a significant number — especially once the field gets smaller.

I don’t believe you can write off Marco Rubio. He still has time to shake things up. After South Carolina, this may very well become a four-man race between Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Bush (because Bush will fight on no matter how badly he does for no other reason than he has the campaign funds to do it). The only way it becomes a five-man race is if Ben Carson gets in the top three in South Carolina. Otherwise, I think he will probably drop out.

But then again, time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “Marcomentum loses battery life and other thoughts on New Hampshire

  • February 10, 2016 at 9:46 am

    With Lindsey Graham endorsing Bush, I think he is going to fall flat on his face in South Carolina. Tim Scott, the other Senator of South Carolina endorsed Rubio. Scott is conservative when it comes to the white population but leans liberal towards the black population. So I don’t think his endorsement will hurt Rubio but it might not help him much either. I think Cruz or Trump will take South Carolina because neither have the endorsements of our current political pundits.

    • February 10, 2016 at 10:07 am

      Agreed. I also think the wild card here is how many Democrats will skip the February 27th Democrat Primary and vote instead on February 20th in the Republican primary. That’s the big question mark as far as I’m concerned. But with Hillary far, far behind coming out of New Hampshire, SC Democrats may feel the need to rally to the polls for Hillary. I really don’t know. You probably have a better sense of that than I would living in the state as you do.

  • February 10, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    If there was any doubt that Fox News supports Rubio…straight from his highness Rupert Murdoch himself: This is exactly what Trump exposed by his “fight” with Murdoch’s princess. Trump & Cruz are both within the Fox crosshairs.

    • February 10, 2016 at 10:54 pm

      I gave up on FOX News about a year ago when they started going south, err soft. I still like FOX Business, but absolutely cannot stand O’Riely, Greta, Megan, or Sheppard. Juan Williams really is worthless, and Geraldo is a has been. It is a shame really, they are like the RNC/GOP they want more people to like them. They have abandoned the very principles that launched them into the stratosphere of cable news stations. They have lost thier way. Now they are slaves for thier guano crazy masters at the GOP.

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