Maybe if we called those emails tamales


The D/FW local CBS affiliate had a story yesterday about a woman in Carrollton, Texas in legal hot water for selling tamales to her neighbors.

Dennise Cruz was stunned when she received a “warrant arrest notice” in the mail from the city for selling “potentially hazardous food.”

Yes, corn and beef are very hazardous. Right up there with plutonium.

Thank heaven they got that criminal mastermind off the streets!

You see, the Carrollton Environmental Service takes food borne illness very seriously.

Did somebody get sick from Cruz’s tamales?


But still! Just think of what could have happened!!!

Cruz’s punishment is a $700 fine.

For selling homemade tamales, for pity’s sake!

Could you imagine what would have happened to her if she opened a Tamale and Fresh Lemonade Stand?

They’d have carted her off to prison.

Cruz can’t afford the fine. She’s what we on Planet Earth actually think of as “dead broke.” Which, by the way, may be why she was selling tamales out of her home to begin with.

Fortunately, a friend was kind enough to set up a GoFundMe page for her. At last glance, she had raised twelve hundred dollars for Cruz.

All this turmoil for selling homemade tamales.

But “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict Hillary Clinton.

Stop and marvel at that bit of insanity.

In America today, an “everyday American” will get in legal trouble for trying to earn a little money from her home. But the “champion for everyday Americans” totally skates for putting US national security at risk while using her position as Secretary of State in a pay-for-play scheme.

Some stories just make me want to put my fist through a wall.

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