Media blames their Buzzfeed feeding frenzy on everyone else

Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday, the news media gorged itself on that phony-baloney Buzzfeed story.

Like starved piranhas in a kiddie pool, they went into a feeding frenzy full of “Ifs.”

If this report is true, then Trump will no doubt be impeached.

If the President doesn’t get out in front of this and issue a strong statement of denial, well, you know what that means…

If, if, if.

They couldn’t get enough of the “Ifs.”

And like a teenager with no impulse-control, the same idiots who went on this feeding frenzy are now moaning and whining, “Why did you let me eat so much?!”

As if it’s our fault.

Or Trump’s fault.

Or even Robert Mueller’s fault.

They really are shameless.

“Now that we’ve totally demeaned ourselves, I bet Trump will demean us.”

“Ugh. Mueller! Why did you let us eat so much?!”

Sorry, Chris.  It wasn’t the Special Counsel’s office that didn’t do you any favors.

You guys didn’t do yourselves any favors.

The fact that the very same news media that went on this Buzzfeed/Impeachment feeding frenzy doesn’t even have the intellectual honesty to admit they are the architect of their own embarrassment is really stunning.

And, just like a bunch of toddlers, they blame their misfortune on everybody else.

Yeah. He really believes that.

And then there was the “we only covered it because the politicians were talking about” defense.

I see. So, you guys start the feeding frenzy. Then Democrats in Congress pick up on the feeding frenzy. And that makes you keep up the feeding frenzy even more.

But Donald Trump Junior is a liar, so there!

And yet…

They just keep doing it.

In fact, back when people were demanding Obama produce his birth certificate to put to rest the rumors that he wasn’t born in the US, it was the news media that gasped in horror.

“How dare you?! President Obama shouldn’t lower himself to respond to these ridiculous claims!”

And yet, yesterday that same news media was aghast that President Trump wouldn’t come out and deny the BS story from Buzzfeed.

They really have no shame.

What’s happening today is the equivalent of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times being the ones peddling the “Obama was born in Kenya” conspiracy.

The once “reputable” news agencies are now the ones trafficking in conspiracies, smears and outright falsehoods.  Sure, they’ll add their “if this report is true” caveat, but they don’t care if it’s true or not. They will squeeze as much mileage and innuendo out of it as long as they can.

And what’s worse, they really don’t give a crap just how much their non-stop fake news feeding frenzy destroys our once Free Press.

Why should they?

After all, when they get caught with egg on their faces, they’ll just blame everyone else.

And when the next unverified, “anonymously-sourced” explosive “news” story breaks, the feeding frenzy will begin all over again.

Just like it did yesterday.

And the time before that.

And the time before that.

And the time before that.

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One thought on “Media blames their Buzzfeed feeding frenzy on everyone else

  • January 19, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    When Toobin is making a lot of sense, you know the media has finally past the point of no return. The MSM has officially lost all credibility and no longer should be trusted.

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