Media gasps over yet another hypothetical

Good grief.  Does the media live in the real world or a hypothetical world?

First, they go into full Outrage Mode over President Trump answering a hypothetical question from George Stephanopoulos.

And now they’re stunned — stunned I tell you! — that President Trump can’t say if he’ll endorse Mike Pence in a hypothetical run for President in 2024.

How horrible that President Trump of the present-day won’t say he’d endorse Mike Pence in a hypothetical run for President that’s still four years away!

Well, this is just so … I mean … SHOCKING!

Okay, not really.

For those of us on Planet Earth, this is about as shocking as not knowing which movie you hope wins the Best Picture Oscar of 2024.

I realize the media has assigned Donald Trump super powers. But do they think he’s Nostradamus?  Or maybe Carnac the Magnificent?

Media gasps over yet another hypothetical

“Well, he must be some kind of a selfish bastard for not locking in his 2024 endorsement in 2019.”

Of course the irony here is Barack Obama has yet to endorse Joe Biden in his very non-hypothetical run for President.

What’s the word I’m grasping for here. Oh, I know: Yikes!

Of course they’ll argue, “Well, there are over twenty candidates and it’s too early in the race at this point for President Obama to make an endorsement.”

But of course it isn’t too early to demand Trump endorse Pence for a Presidential run that is, at this point, hypothetical. Not to mention four freaking years away.

Because reasons and stuff and Orange Man Bad.

I guess the media has decided that their frothing outrage over yesterday’s hypothetical isn’t having the desired effect, so they’ve moved on to another hypothetical.

We have no idea what Republican candidates will be running in 2024.  And neither does President Trump.

We don’t even know if Mike Pence plans to run in 2024.

So why in Lucifer’s reach would it be in any way surprising that on June 14, 2019 Donald Trump can’t say if in 2024 he’ll endorse a guy who may not even run?

At this point the media isn’t even trying to find legitimate reasons to hyperventilate over this guy.

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One thought on “Media gasps over yet another hypothetical

  • June 15, 2019 at 2:57 am

    More than hypothetical: President Trump has discussed which 2020 Dem he would like to run against during the campaign. I’ve heard him doing this twice or more. It almost seems like he even has a ranked order of the candidates in his mind — with reasons why.

    Mental imagery: A lion bursts into a pack of hyenas, quickly sorts them by threat potential, and methodically begins neutralizing them with overwhelming strength


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