Melania Derangement Syndrome

Melania Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t just for Donald, guys. It encompasses the entire family. And last night, those unfortunate enough to be on Twitter during the First Lady’s speech got exposed to a heaping helping of Melania Derangement Syndrome.

And it is one thousand times more venomous and awful than TDS.

Melania’s very existence exposes the vicious bigotry and misogyny of the Left.

Not that they’re particularly skilled at hiding it.  But just the sight of Melania on television makes these people melt down into a fetid stew of poisonous hatred.

Melania’s address from the Rose Garden was as lovely as Melania herself – soft-spoken, gracious, humble, kind. But because of their Melania Derangement Syndrome, blue checkmark monsters and the hateful, wretched people from the ResistanceLOL wasted no time attacking her, her accent, her marriage, and her past as a model.

The level of ugly viciousness is enough to take your breath away.

I mean, they’re hideous and awful toward any woman on the Right — just ask Martina Markota. But the wilding that occurs over Melania Trump is by far the most vile I have ever seen.

Melania Derangement Syndrome Griffin/Karem

Now, I expect nothing less from the odious Kathy Griffin. But note the reply here is from a White House correspondent.

Yup. One of those noble and virtuous “unbiased” “reporters” charged with “objectively” covering the Trump White House.

Of course, he’s the same sweaty, gin-soaked asshole who heckled White House guests in the Rose Garden last year, so it isn’t entirely shocking.

And speaking of odious.

Melania Derangement Syndrome Midler

Sure, mock the naturalized American who speaks five languages, you vicious, horrible … well, I rarely use the word “cunt” but, no other word conveys just how awful Bette Midler is.

Their hatred for Melania knows no bounds.  And nothing, absolutely no attack is out of bounds.

There are worse examples than the hateful musings above, believe me. But I won’t include the disgusting, sexualized anger porn that freely flows from these repugnant people whenever Melania makes the news.

It’s as if pretending to be pro-women is so much of a burden for these phonies that they need an outlet to direct their deep-seated sexism. And they’ve chosen Melania. She has become the lightning rod that exposes their ugly, misogynistic underbellies.

I could almost understand Melania Derangement Syndrome if Melania was an unattractive, hectoring scold who dresses in sofa upholstery and does nothing but complain about what a victim she is.

But she isn’t Michelle Obama.

She is a beautiful, fashionable, elegant, kind, soft-spoken, caring person.

And they hate her for it.

Speaking of Michelle. Last week, she gave an overly-dramatic reading of a speech that was bitter, gloomy, slanderous and dishonest. At one point, Michelle even implied that anyone who wasn’t watching her speech must be racist.

Compared to Michelle’s embittered hectoring, Melania came off humble and genuine.  But not to those suffering from Melania Derangement Syndrome.

The same people vilifying Melania’s speech were gushing like overindulgent pageant moms after Michelle’s.

Even today, these people play PR for the Obamas.

Three years ago I said the main reason the media hate Melania is because, quite unlike Michelle Obama, they didn’t create Melania.

Left to their own devices without this boost from the media, Michelle and Barack never would have become the so-called “celebrity icons” they are today.

The Obamas owe everything to the media.

For eight miserable years they worked overtime to try and convince us that Michelle Obama was something other than a miserable, angry, wretched woman with a sense of entitlement as big as all outdoors.

If Michelle Obama was naturally all those wonderful things they claimed she was, the media wouldn’t have had to work so hard to convince us.

But Melania Trump doesn’t need the media telling us endlessly how elegant, fashionable, gracious, beautiful and charming she is.

Because she’s all those things – effortlessly.

And don’t underestimate just how much the media resents the fact that we can see for ourselves just how lovely Melania is.

Just like President Trump, Melania goes clean over their heads directly to the American people.

And that pisses them off like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s ugly resentment that fuels Melania Derangement Syndrome.

They resent the fact that Melania doesn’t need a phalanx of Hollywood and Media personalities to act as her personal PR firm.

They resent that First Lady Melania effortlessly brings to mind the lovely and beautiful Jackie Kennedy.  Don’t underestimate how much that pisses them off. They’ve spent more than a decade trying to jam Square Peg Michelle into that round comparison with little success.

They resent the fact that President Trump is even married to someone this beautiful and elegant.

They resent the fact that Melania just keeps on keeping on. She lets their ugly vitriol roll off of her like rain on a slicker – a slicker that reads “I really don’t care; do U?

And they resent the fact that Americans can see and hear for themselves what a lovely, gracious, stunning woman Melania Trump is.

So how do they respond?  With poisonous, sexist, ugly comments that are too vile to even include here.

They mock her accent.

They sneeringly refer to her as an “immigrant” as if being a naturalized citizen means she is less than (and speaking as the daughter of a naturalized American, that kinda pisses me off).

They indulge in ugly speculation about her marriage and personal life.

And, of course, they take wild delight in posting nude photos from Melania’s time as a young model.

But like most TDS, Melania Derangement Syndrome isn’t harming Melania one bit.

It’s like the old saying, resentment is like taking rat poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Their Melania Derangement Syndrome isn’t poisoning Melania; it’s just poisoning them.

It exposes their ugliness, their seething sexism and xenophobia. And it puts yet another nail in the coffin of “Love Trumps Hate.”

All they’ve ever had is hate.

And the beautiful Melania Trump just holds her head up and keeps doing her thing while they keep poisoning themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Melania Derangement Syndrome

  • August 26, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    I think about 75% of Twitter is BOTs.

    But, The First Lady should take it as a Badge of Honor to have such worthless trash freaking out over her. They are all dumber than the ground she walks on.

    I hope, when President Trump wins re-election in November, all these leftist sh*t stains jump off skyscrapers.

  • August 26, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Apparently, Bette Midler walked back her nasty screed against our beautiful Melania.

    No such apology coming from Kathy Griffin or that bottom feeder Carli B., whose comments about Melania were over-the-top sickening. I can’t even repeat them.

  • August 27, 2020 at 1:55 am

    “She isn’t Michelle Obama … and she effortlessly brings to mind the lovely and beautiful Jackie Kennedy.”

    Best analysis ever — what the tawdry leftists actually feel about Melania


  • August 27, 2020 at 2:09 am

    You certainly have a way with words Dear-very nicely penned.

  • August 27, 2020 at 11:26 am

    The words “she” and “Michelle Obama” do not belong in the same sentence/paragraph/article etc. One viewing of it dancing on Ellen Degenerate’s show, swinging its “package” under the not-quite-voluminous-enough dress, is all the evidence needed to know its genotype includes one of those small, but very significant, Y chromosomes.

  • August 27, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    And, of course, they take wild delight in posting nude photos from Melania’s time as a young model.

    Um… well… I admit I’ve looked. She… looks great in anything… and in nothing. Wasn’t like she was doing hardcore porn.

    I was going to say they’d be respectful if had been Mike Obama who’d done nudes, but the very thought made me severely dyspeptic.

    I really never thought Jackie was ‘all that.’

  • August 28, 2020 at 8:49 am

    That’s call jealousy because Melania is better looking and smarter than hags like Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin and Mike Obama are.

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