More Melania-Gate: The Local News Version

Oh, dear! Just moments after posting about Melania-gate, I went over to my local ABC-Affiliate website and what did eye spy with my little eye? The local news version of Melania-Gate!

More melania-gate


Golly. Does anybody else get the impression that there is a coordinated effort in the Enslaved Press to promote Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump?

Of course this local ABC affiliate is all manner of stupid. I’ve been pointing that out here at Patriot Retort for quite a while. Like, for instance HERE.


The local ABC Affiliate doesn’t post many news stories on their main page. And the fact that two of the six stories dated July 19 are about Melania Trump and Hillary bashing Donald Trump should be a great big clue as to what their objective is.

The trick when reading any “news” website is to go into it knowing you’re going to get eighty pounds of biased crap in a five pound bag.

Last night’s speakers from the RNC Convention were folks who pretty much shot holes in the Enslaved Press narrative — about Black Lives Matter, about Hillary’s foreign policy “genius,” about America’s national security and safety.

The only way the Enslaved Press can fight back is by focusing on Melania-Gate.

They’re so damn transparent, you’d have to be a mind-numbed Liberal voter not to see through it.

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One thought on “More Melania-Gate: The Local News Version

  • July 19, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    Eighty pounds of doo-doo in a five pound bag!? Wowsers, That is definately a super-de-dooper blivet. Spot-on once again Dianny. Outstanding!

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