Is Merkel hoping for a little of that Obama Magic Touch?

Guess who’s heading to Germany next month?


The Daily Caller is reporting that former President Barack Obama will be traveling to Germany to meet with Angela Merkel.

Ostensibly Obama is heading there to participate in “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally.”

But something tells me Barack’s idea of “Being Involved in Democracy” amounts to “Interfering with Germany’s election.”

My guess is, Barack is hoping to lend his political magic touch to Angela Merkel’s uphill reelection effort.

Okay, truthfully, Barry doesn’t have much of a magic touch, does he?

He’s like Midas in reverse.

After all, he couldn’t drag Hillary’s sorry carcass over the finish line no matter how many campaign rallies he held.

Angela may want to rethink deploying the Barack Obama magic touch on her behalf.

His track record, in a word, sucks.

And not just because he couldn’t deliver for the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua.

When Obama interfered with the election in Israel, his guy lost.

And when he stuck his nose in the Brexit vote, he was slapped like a puppy with a rolled up newspaper.

That doesn’t even begin to cover it.

He campaigned hard for Creigh Deeds in Virginia’s 2009 governor’s race (he lost).

That same year, he threw his support behind Jon Corzine in New Jersey. He campaigned hard for that corrupt Democrat. And Corzine lost to Chris Christie.

Then there was Martha Coakley in Massachusetts who ran against Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy’s old seat. That race was super important. The Senate Democrat’s super majority depended on Coakley winning. So Obama took his Magic Touch on the road and campaigned like crazy for her.

Yeah. She lost too.

The only time Obama managed to get somebody into power was when he helped install Muslim Brotherhood stooge Mohammed Morsi in Egypt.

How long did Morsi stay in power before the Egyptians tossed him out?

A few year? Thirteen months?

If I were Angela, I would tell Barack, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

But, speaking personally, I hope he brings some of that Obama Magic Touch to Germany just to rid that nation of this wretched woman.

My brother suggested this appropos musical highlight:

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2 thoughts on “Is Merkel hoping for a little of that Obama Magic Touch?

  • April 11, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    I’ve grown accustomed to not seeing that face.

  • April 11, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    His midas touch is everything he touches turns to shit.

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